Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

In this article we will explore on five important features that dehumidifiers should have. Whenever you go for dehumidifier shopping then you need to make sure that these five features should be incorporated in your dehumidifier. We will separately explore these five features in Home dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifier and Swimming pool dehumidifier.

Five Features that Home Dehumidifiers Should Have.

It is very important to choose right dehumidifiers for your home since it is directly concern to health of your family. High humidity at home invites lots of health issues. Common health issue is breathing problem. High humidity also provide favorable conditions for Home dehumidifiers in Dubai UAE.fugue and molds. Hence choosing right home dehumidifiers is very important.

  • Automatic Operation: Home air dehumidifier should have fully automatic function. Once you set required humidity level from front control panel then home dehumidifier should stop automatically when set humidity achieved and start automatically if humidity goes high again.
  • Condensate Tank Capacity: Dehumidifiers for home should have at built in condensate tank capacity of 5 liters. Bigger than this tank size will make room dehumidifier bulky in nature.
  • Filter: Dehumidifiers prime job is dehumidification. But if you get pure air along with it then it will be icing on cake. Hence home unit should have filter at air inlet.
  • Timer: This features allows user to set delay timer to switch on or switch off unit after desired delay time in hours.
  • Continuous Drainage: In addition to inbuilt tank, dehumidifier should have facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage.

Five Features of Industrial Dehumidifier.

Most of Industrial process requires a efficient dehumidification to maintain quality. Industrial dehumidifier help to achieve required low humidity. Industrial dehumidifier required in Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Marine industries, Ship building Industrial dehumidifier supplier in Dubai UAE for dehumidification load etc. Following five features should be consider while buying commercial duty dehumidifiers.

  • Portability: Industrial dehumidifier often very heavy. Hence portability feature is important to move unit easily. Unit should have strong wheels of minimum 30 cm diameter. Dehumidifier should provided with Push handle. Movement of wheel should be smooth and it should require less effort to move unit.
  • Dehumidifier pump: Dehumidifier pump helps to pump out condensate water. At many industrial sites, drainage point not available at every rooms. In such situation, drainage pipe need to take from high level from ground. Dehumidifier pump helps to drain out condensate water in such situation.
  • Defrost & Airflow: Dehumidifier should have automatic defrosting features to avoid formation of ice on its coil which affects performance of dehumidifier. In addition to automatic defrost, button should be provided on control panale for manual defrosting.
  • Compressor: Compressor of industrial dehumidifier should use environmental friendly refrigerant gas only. It should
  • Casing: Housing case of industrial dehumidifier should be high quality plastic so that it will not have any impact of corrosion over years.

Swimming pool dehumidifier: Five Features.

In Indoor swimming pool area, high humidity generated due to pool water surface. If pool water is heated then humidity generation swimming pool dehumidifier price in Dubai UAE.will again faster. Swimming pool dehumidifier help to reduce this high humidity.

  • Mounting: Mounting of indoor swimming pool dehumidifier is very important to get best out of pool dehumidifier. There are ceiling mount, floor mount and wall mount dehumidifiers available in market. Floor mount dehumidifier will occupy your space and many times it doesn’t go with interiors decoration of you swimming pool. Wall mount dehumidifier look very good but it has limitation of capacity. Ceiling mount ducted dehumidifier is best for indoor swimming pool  area. These type of dehumidifier can connected with air conditioner duct or it can connected independently.
  • Remote Humidistat: For swimming pool area remote humidistat is recommended so as to mount on wall for easy access.
  • Filter: Swimming pool dehumidifier should have filter at inlet for pure air.
  • Hygrostat: Hygrostat should be incorporated in wall mounted humidistat to check current room humidity level.
  • Defrost: Swimming pool dehumidifier should have automatic defrosting feature since ceiling mount units are difficult to access for maintenance.

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Ducted Dehumidifier; advantages and installation.

We have discussed different types of dehumidification system in our previous articles. Dehumidifier can potable, ceiling mount, floor mount, wall mount type. And these type of dehumidifier can be ducted or non ducted type based on facility available in dehumidifier to connect with air conditioner duct or not. There are advantages and disadvantage of ducted dehumidifiers. These type of system also called as whole house dehumidification systems. In this article we will discuss commercial ducted dehumidifiers in details.

Advantages of ducted dehumidifiers.

ducted dehumidifier for swimming poolTo understand advantages of these dehumidifiers, we need to understand first these ducted dehumidification systems. Ducted unit generally consist of main unit and controller. Controller generally wall  mount one with which user can set required humidity, switch on/off, set timer etc. In some cased Ducted probe type controller also use. Main unit consists of evaporator and condenser coil for dehumidification with inlet and outlet duct. These units has necessary arrangement to wall mount our ceiling mount. There are many advantages of ducted unit than portable one. First one is that ducted unit saves space since it is generally wall mount and ceiling mount unlike an portable dehumidifiers. Secondly Since it is mount above fall ceiling or outer wall, it gives quite operation than portable unit. Fully automatic operation is one of major advantages. since Ducted unit connected to central duct it easily dehumidify air to set level quickly & automatically whenever humidity level more than set level.

Type of installation of Ducted dehumidification system.

There are different way of connecting small ducted dehumidifier with your air conditioner Ducts. Some of few methods are as follow:

A) Main Return to Main Return Duct: In this configuration unit connected in parallel to main return duct. Dehumidifiers take air  from main return duct, dehumidify it and through dry air through it’s outlet duct main return duct.

Ducted dehumidifier supplier for dehumidifiation

B) Main Return to Main Supply Duct: In this configuration unit connected in parallel air conditioner unit. Dehumidifiers take air  from main return duct, dehumidify it and through dry air through it’s outlet duct main supply duct.

C) Dedicated return to main supply Duct: In configuration inlet of ducted dehumidifiers connected with dedicated return duct and outlet connected to main supply duct.

D) Dedicated return to Main Return: In configuration inlet of dehumidifier connected with dedicated return duct and outlet connected to main return duct.

E) Un ducted: In this configuration dehumidification unit not connected to any duct. It simply wall mounted or ceiling suspended in space which need to be dehumidify.

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