Industrial dehumidifier video review; CD-85L Dehumidifier

In this article we will do video review of CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier. As you all aware, CD-85L is industrial portable dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech. This is one of the most selling commercial duty dehumidifier in Middle East market. Strong body, sturdy wheels, push handle and built in pump are some of the USP of CD-85L dehumidifier. So lets review this unit:

Features of CD-85L Industrial portable Dehumidifier.

Some of the important and noticing features of CD-85L dehumidification units are as follow which justify its cost.

Built in Dehumidifier pump.

CD-85L dehumidifier has built in pump to pump out condensate water. With help of this pump, industrial dehumidifier able to push condensate water up to height of 2 meter.

Built in Hygrostat.

This unit has built in hygrostat. With help of this hygrostat, Unit can show current room humidity at it display. This will avoid additional external humidity meter to cross check room humidity.

CD-85L commercial duty industrial dehumidifier.Built in Humidistat.

Humidistat is important component of automatic dehumidifier. Humidistat continuously checks humidity level of return air and instruct dehumidifier to go in sleep mode if room humidity is reach as set humidity level. And it also instruct dehumidifier to automatically switch on when room humidity increases. This make operation of dehumidifier total automatic and also it helps to save electricity and hence operating cost.

Casing of CD-85L commercial duty dehumidifier.

Body of CD-85L industrial portable dehumidifier is made up of high impact resistant plastic which can withstand heavy shock which is generally expected in industrial environment. Another advantage of this type of body is freedom from corrosion and hence logger life.

Setting of Required Humidity level.

This dehumidifier has facility to set required humidity level. Up and down arrow button are provided on control panel of this unit. You can set required humidity level with help of this button. Once humidity is set, dehumidifier will run till set point is reaches and then it switch off automatically.

Portability Features

This dehumidifier is provided with two strong pneumatic wheels and also it has push handle with which unit can be move from one place to other very easily. Since body of unit made up of plastic, overall weight of unit is very low and hence it is easy to transport.

Inlet and Outlet of Dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier take humidity air inside from front side inlet. Inlet is provided with easily removable and washable air filter which give pure air and also avoids deposition of dust and particle on internal parts of dehumidifier. This portable industrial dehumidifier give dry air from backside. Outlet of this large dehumidifier is provided with round coller which can be use to connect round duct to direct dry air to specific location.

Application of CD-85L Dehumidifier.

This industrial dehumidifier can be use for following applications:

  • In Pharmaceutical production facility.
  • In Dry fruit storage.
  • In Medicine storage and food storage.
  • In military application.
  • Use in Shipyard.
  • Use in Aviation part storage.

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CDM-50L Industrial Dehumidifier or Commercial dehumidifiers Review.

CtrlTech is reputed industrial dehumidifier supplier in Middle East region. Recently CtrlTech launched CDM-50L series of industrial portable dehumidifier to fill large gap in small industrial dehumidification systems. In many industrial applications required small capacity but heavy duty dehumidifier. For example Shaving blade manufacturers store there furnished goods in room which is sized hardly 27 cubic meter. For such a small room, it is not economical to go for high capacity industrial. However even it is small room it need heavy duty unit to dehumidify space quickly. Hence there was need of small portable dehumidifiers of industrial grade. Considering this requirement CtrlTech launched CDM-50L series industrial dehumidifier unit which has extraction capacity of 50 liters per day.

Portable industrial dehumidifier of 50 liter per day.

Specifications of CDM-50L industrial portable dehumidifier.

Beautiful yellow-black color combination, strong metal body with powder coating paint and fire resistant are some of the unique selling points of CDM-50L large dehumidifier. This industrial dehumidifier unit provided with two large wheels at back and 360 degree rotating two front wheels. With four wheels, unit easy to move with great stability. Push handle is foldable. With foldable push handle and four wheels, unit look athletically superb so as to place even in public places. Power consumption of unit is only 940 watts at full capacity. Also since unit has built in humidistat, energy saved by automatic switch off of unit when set humidity reached. Unit fitted with branded energy efficient compressor which runs with environmental friendly R134a refrigerant gas. Unit has inbuilt 5 liter water tank which can be accessible from front bottom section. Water tank easy to remove and empty with carved handle. Tank completely invisible behind locked front panel. Intake of humid air is from front side and discharge from right side panel. This industrial dehumidifier has delayed start up for protection. Unit has built in automatic defrost which will activated if ice forms on evaporative coil to increase efficiency of unit. Unit can be ordered with option condensate pump.

Control Panel of CDM series Dehumidifiers.

LCD control panel is also one of the USP of CDM-50L industrial dehumidifier. Control Panel has built in humidistat with which it shows room temperature. Panel has indication for Fan on/off, Dehumidification on/off and Automatic defrost on/off. LCD display has “water Full” indication and this industrial portable dehumidifier will stop working. Panel also as clock. Unit has facility to set automatic on and automatic off delay timer. Set timer is visible on LCD panel. To sent required humidity level or timer, user need to use “+ ADD” and “- Subtract” button followed by set button. This is one of the best amongst small commercial duty dehumidifiers.

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AD 780 Series Industrial Dehumidifier review.

Ad 780 dehumidifier is industrial grade dehumidification system made in Germany. In this article we are going to review AD 780 dehumidifier in details.

Why we need industrial Dehumidification System.

AD 780 Industrial Dehumidifier for Dehumidification.Many industrial application need low humidity environment for maintaining quality of its processes. For example every other process in pharmaceutical industries required low humidity environment right from preparation to storage of medicine. High humidity can change quality and formulation of medicine.  Hence industrial dehumidifiers are commonly use in pharmaceutical industries. Similarly it is also use in storage of leather industries to preserve sheen of leather by protecting it from fungi, mould, microbial activity and mildew. Other important industrial sector where system is must have equipment is AD 780 industrial dehumidifiers.lithium battery industry. It is very important to maintain low humidity with help of dehumidifier in lithium battery storage because lithium easily reacts with water or moisture to form lithium hydroxide and heat. For Sizing of industrial dehumidification systems, please follow dehumidifier buying guide available on our website.

Features of AD 780 Industrial dehumidifiers.

Ad 780 industrial dehumidifiers are available in capacities of 78 lilter per day.  Body of AD 780 dehumidifier made up of impact proof plastic body. This dehumidifier has elegant integrated push-handle. Two wheels each of 30 cm diameter is provided. this is feature rich industrial dehumidification system. Condenser and evaporator of this unit has copper piping covered with aluminium fins. And dehumidification system’s  cooling circuit  made up of copper piping with capillary tube and filter dryer. Service connector on suction side. This dehumidifier unit provided with filter. Intake of air from back side while discharge of dry air from front side. AD 780 has control panel with humidistat to sent required humidity between 40% to 90% RH. Unit consists of axial fan with aluminium fan wheel. This axial fan is with winding protection. Fully hermetically sealed rotary compressor, protected against overloading, vibration insulated bearings. Rotary compressor is using R407c environmental friendly refrigerant gas. Control panel has on/of switch, illuminated neon switches for indication of  defrost, pump fault, normal running of unit. Unit has air circulation rate of 820 CMH. Unit runs of 230V, 50Hz power supply. Maximum power consumption of unit is 1250 watts. This unit is designed to work in 3 to 32 deg C temperature.  Dehumidifier units provided with 5 meter power cable with keeper.

Applications of AD 780 dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier can be use in all industrial application. some of application as follow:

  • Water work: this units can be use in water work side, water plants, laundry rooms etc.
  • Storage: Unit can be use in warehouse of food, medicine, cloth, leather etc.
  • Industrials processes: It can be use in Pharmaceutical, arms manufacturing process.
  • Swimming pool: Unit can be use for indoor swimming pool applications.

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