Dehumidifier for Museums

Dehumidifier for Museum for Value Preservation.

Dehumidifier is very important equipment for any Museum. Museum stores many valuables artifacts. Value of this artifacts one can not measure in terms of money. Some of artifacts related to culture and pride of nation. Hence preservation of these artifacts is first priority. High humidity in Museum can damage paintings. Colours of painting can change due to high humidity. Vintage car museum might face issue of rust due to high humidity. Old documents can get spoil due to high humidity. Dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity and make value preservation.

Dehumidifiers  recommended for Museum.

In Museum floor mount, portable, or central duct dehumidifier can be use. Recommended dehumidifiers model for museum are as follow:

  1. CD-50L portable dehumidifier having capacity of 5o liters per day.
  2. CDM-50L portable industrial dehumidifier have capacity of 50 liters per day.
  3. CD-85L industrial dehumidifier of 85 liters per day capacity.
  4. CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier of 90 liter per day capacity.
  5. SPD-136L ceiling mount duct dehumidifier of 136 liters per day capacity.
  6. FSD-240L floor mount dehumidification unit.

Where to Buy Museum Dehumidifier?

CtrlTech offers all types of dehumidifiers which will suits museum. You can contact them at +971 50 1537113.

Dehumidifier for Museums

Dehumidifiers; some of the best choices in UAE market

Dehumidifiers; some of the best choices.

In this article we are going to review some of the best dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifier and dehumidifier for swimming pool models available in market. We are going to discuss their features, benefits and advantages. However this article has no intention to rate any particular brand of dehumidifier over other. We will discuss these model as per their application area. As you are aware there are three major application areas for dehumidification. Lets start with models for home applications:

CD 400 by Dantherm : This dehumidifier model has extraction capacity of 18 liters per day with airflow of 180 CMH. Unit has built in condensate tank of 4.5 liters and unit unit consumes only 0.4kw power maximum. This is complete mobile dehumidifier.

DH 720 by MASTER Climate Solution: This unit has dehumidification capacity of 20 liters per day with airflow of 150 CMH only. Condensate tank is 5 liter size and unit has rotary compressor with power consumption of only 0.39 KW.

CD-25L by CtrlTech Dehumidifiers : This unit has extraction capacity of 25 liters per day with airflow of 180 CMH. Power consumption of this unit is only 390 Watts. Unit has built in condensate tank of 5.5 liter capacity along with facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. Unit has automatic operation which mean unit will shut down automatically when humidity level reduces to set value. Unit has small LED display which continuously shows room humidity level. Also it has timer function for automatic switch on and off with required delay. User can adjust fan speed to slow or fast level.

Industrial Dehumidifiers; some of the choices.

In this portion we are basically going to compare portable industrial dehumidifiers and not fixed type of unit to make fair comparison. In this league there are some of best options are as follow:

CDT Series by Dantherm : CDT series are industrial portable dehumidifier available in capacity of 30, 40, 60 and 90 liters per day capacity. Unit built is very robust and truly designed for rough industrial applications. Unit supported with two big rubber wheels. Unit has built in condensate pump. Inlet of wet air from front and discharge is from back side.

dehumidifier in UAE

CDM Series By CtrlTech Dehumidifiers : Unit available in capacities of 50, 90 and 120 liters per day. Other than robust metallic robust construction of unit, its large LCD control board is its main feature. Condensate pump is optional. Unit has programming features of  on/off timer, mode selection etc. Unit has large wheels and handle. Inlet of wet air from side and discharge from front.

AD 780 and AD 750 Series by Aerial Dehumidifier Germany: Best part of this series is best in look along with robustness of industrial dehumidifier. Unit offered in capacity of 55 and 78 liters per day capacity. Condensate pump is optional. Unit extremely portable with light body, large wheel and embedded push handle. Inlet of wet air from back side and discharge from front.

DH Series By Master : This series unit available in capacities of 27 to 80 liters per day. Body made up of metal with push handle and wheels. Inlet from wet air from back side and dry air discharge from front side. Strong built of this model make it unique.

Dehumidifier for Swimming pool; available choices.

Indoor swimming pool area need dehumidifier with high airflow and with option of different mounting to meet requirement of site conditions. For small swimming pool design, a wall mount dehumidifier is sufficient but for large commercial pool you need duct or floor mounted large capacity pool room dehumidifier. Some of options are as follow:

SPD series Swimming pool Dehumidifier.SPD-136L by CtrlTech Dehumidifiers :

This is duct type unit which is easy to install and suitable for residential or commercial applications. Unit can be connected along with AC ducting of it can be install independently. Unit need only 13A power supply. Installation includes only three connection; power connection, drainage connection and controller connection. Unit supplier with large LCD display wall mount controller which can be connected to unit with help of provided special socket. Unit has complete automatic operation.

CDP Series by Dantherm : This is wall mount type unit available in capacity of 34, 52 and 69 liters per day capacity. Unit is easily can be mount on wall. It has built in hygrometer.  Unit is very light with built in rotary compressor. Power consumption is very less and it has silent operation.

We hope this article will help you to make your best dehumidifiers choice.


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Dehumidifiers; some of the best choices.

Swimming Pool dehumidifier buying guide

Swimming pool dehumidifier buying guide.

Indoor pool is great facility of comfort which everyone like to have at their homes. But not only cost of constructing indoor pool is high but also its running cost. In this article we will try to guide you buying of dehumidifier for swimming pool. Most of indoor room pool owner and especially residential pool owner do not consider swimming pool dehumidifier while construction of pool. They feel indoor pool dehumidification system is optional item which is not true. For indoor swimming pool, dehumidifier is more important than having air conditioner. When you do not consider pool dehumidifier at construction stage then you double your cost, discomfort and waste of time. It is often observed that client who do not consider dehumidification system at construction stage, comes back to us requesting installation of dehumidifier. We need not to forget that indoor pool room area is a place where two third surface is covered by water. And it is due to natural tendency of water of evaporation, pool area observed with very high humidity which make occupant not only uncomfortable but also they might get health issues. You start observing wet floor, condensation water drops on ceiling and walls, bad smell due to development of fungus in, malfunctioning of electronic good and high electricity bill. Hence we suggest client to must go for swimming pool dehumidifier and that of at initial stage.

Buying dehumidifier for swimming pool? Consider these points……

Following point you should consider while selecting your dehumidification unit

Consider dehumidifier at pool design stage.

We always recommend to plan dehumidifier for your indoor pool at design level itself. Installing unit after damage has been done to your pool area will not help you much. If you plan dehumidifier at design level then you can select right dehumidifier size, right dehumidifier type and incorporate right place to install dehumidifier. It is much easy to install dehumidifier during construction of pool. Especially if you are installing duct dehumidifier then things become very complicate if you like to install dehumidifier in pool area which is in use. During construction you can plan how to place unit, where should be its controller, plan drainage point properly and incorporate electrical supply in your MEP work.

Select right type of indoor pool dehumidifier.

Selecting dehumidifier with right working principle and right type of mounting will not only reduce you initial and running cost but also it will give you good performance. On the basis of working principle there are two type of units; desiccant dehumidifier and refrigerant dehumidifier. We always recommends refrigerant or condensation dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool application. Many companies might offer your desiccant dehumidifier but it is not right solution since desiccant dehumidifier are use for dehumidification at lower temperature such at at cold room. For swimming pool unit based on condensation principle is right solution considering initial and running cost of both types of unit. Secondly you should select right type of unit in terms of mounting. There are generally three types of unit used and those are floor mounted, wall mounted and ceiling suspended type. We recommend ceiling suspended duct type dehumidifier unit for swimming pool. We offer our SPD series pool dehumidifier which will give you good performance. If you considering dehumidification solution at design stage then installation of this type of unit is very easy. Also since it is above false ceiling, it will save floor area and working sound also less. If you have small pool with small pool room size they you can opt for wall mount dehumidifier. This type suitable for pool of surface are up to 50 sq meter. For large commercial pool which has big pool with big open space and go for either ceiling suspended type or floor mount type. We offer our FSD series floor mount dehumidifier which are specially designed for large indoor pool area.

Right specifications for pool dehumidification unit.

Other than calculating right dehumidifier capacity it is also important to pay attention to some of important specification that unit must have for use in  indoor swimming pool for dehumidification. We need to note that humidity level in indoor pool area always high which dehumidifier unit needs to reduce. When high humid air enters into dehumidifier it might cause corrosion to body and coils of dehumidifier. Hence we suggest that dehumidifier body should be made up of powder coated hot dip galvanized steel or ideally of Aluminum. If normal steel used then it might corrodes over period of time. Also unit should protect condenser and evaporator coil from corrosion. Hence we suggest epoxy coating of condenser and evaporator coil

Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation.

This is very important factor while selecting unit. Indoor pool dehumidifier sizing depends on various factory. Mainly it is depend on surface area of swimming pool, pool water temperature, indoor room temperature, type of use.  While doing swimming pool dehumidifier calculation, you need to make sure that at least these four factors are considered. You might find many indoor pool dehumidification calculator online but those might not suitable in your case. Evaporation rate is directly proportional to pool surface area. If pool area is bigger you need high capacity dehumidifier for indoor pool humidity control. If difference between room temperature and pool water temperature is high then it will accelerate rate of evaporation and hence generate high humidity.  Hence we recommend to adjust pool water temperature two degree less than room temperature. This will reduce your indoor pool dehumidifier price. Swimming pool dehumidifier sizing also depend on type of use. If it is residential dehumidifier then use is for few hours and hence dehumidifier for pool room will have low capacity. But if it is hotel or sport complex then we need to consider high capacity commercial swimming pool dehumidifiers.

You should consider all above factory while selection swimming pool dehumidifier. For more information on indoor pool dehumidifier sizing and price please contact us.

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Some of our Swimming pool Dehumidifier:

Name of Product: SPD-136L Pool Dehumidifier.

Image:        SPD series Swimming pool Dehumidifier.

Brand Name: CtrlTech

Price: AED 15,700.00

Availability: Yes

Product ID: SPD0136UAE-010116-15700-W715

Rating: 4.5

Votes: 34

Description: SPD series swimming pool dehumidifier is ducted type dehumidifier. This unit can be install as ceiling supended above false ceiling or it can be wall mount. This indoor pool room dehumidifier has dehumidifying capacity of 136 liters per day with air flow of 1300 CMH. This commercial indoor pool dehumidifier provided with wall mount LCD controller. This controller helps user to set required humidity and switch on/off unit. Operation of this unit is fully automatic. Installation is very simple with three step. Connect single phase power, drain and controller. Unit is read to use.  For more information of this dehumidifier for swimming pool, please contact us.

Industrial dehumidifier by Aerial, Germany now in UAE

CtrlTech Dehumidifiers launched new website for Aerial Products

As you all are aware that CtrlTech representing AERIAL, Germany dehumidifier products from last 10 years in Middle East Region. It is great honor for us to be associate with such is worldwide reputed brand. Today we are happy to declare launch of dedicated website for Aerial product. Website address is This website listed with all products by Aerial. For ease of understanding of user separate menu for Industrial dehumidifier, pool dehumidifier and portable dehumidifiers are created. It will help client to choose right product quickly. Website give detail information about each model, it give detail specification and USPs of each model listed in short. Aerial is one of the biggest dehumidifiers manufacture in Europe. Their head quarter in at Norderstedt, Germany. Also they have production plant at same place. Aerial products are symbol of high quality & reliability. All parts of product is made in Germany. Aerial is company which do not believe in cheap mass production but quality.

Industrial dehumidifier by AERIAL.

Aerial is best at Industrial dehumidification system. They have fleet of industrial portable dehumidifier. Some of the models are as follow:

  • AD 5 Series: This dehumidification model floor mounted dehumidifier. Unit also can be wall mount with additional wall mount brackets. Available in two capacities; 20 and 40 liters per day. Casing made by steel. Unit has built in condensate tank of 7 liters. Unit are stackable. Filter is provided. Inlet at front and outlet at back. Unit has automatic defrosting system. Provided with LCD control panel.
  • AD 6 Series: This is portable industrial dehumidifier with strong wheels and push handle. Unit available in two capacities 54 and 78 liters per day. Unit can be fitted with optional condensate pump. Unit has condensate tank of 14 liter and also has facility to connect hose for continuous drainage. Automatic defrost and energy efficient axial fan. Unit has LCD control panel with built in  hygrostat to set required humidity level. Unit has automatic operation. Also from control panel user can adjust fan speed, can see current and set humidity and working hours.Industrial dehumidifier by Aerial Germany
  • AD 7 Series: This is also industrial portable dehumidifier. Available in  capacities of 55 and 78 liters per day. Unit has beautiful casing made up of impact proof synthetic material. Strong wheels and push handle. Control panel has facility to set required humidity. Unit has are stackable and fitted with axial fan. Unit with 54 liter capacity (AD750) has built in condensate tank of 12 liter and also option of built in pump while unit with 78 liter capacity (AD 780) has only facility for hose connection only. Control panel has neon light indication for “tank full”, “defrost” and “humidity OK”.
  • AD 8 Series: This is floor mount type large dehumidifiers with capacity of 105 liters per day. Casing of this unit made up of strong steel. Unit fitted with eDRY control panel with LCD display which continuously shows current and set humidity. It is heavy duty unit.

Swimming pool Dehumidifier by AERIAL.

High humidity in indoor swimming pool rooms is always a big problem. Especially for small pools in private residence which has small pool room has no space to install floor mount dehumidification unit. In such application there is need of small unit with also should suits aesthetics of indoor pool room. Aerial has AP series wall mount dehumidifier for swimming pool. AP series unit available in in two capacities; 47 and 66 liters per day. Unique feature of this model is high dehumidification capacity at smallest footprint. Unit also can be floor mount. AP series pool dehumidifier has slick design with thickness of only 26 cm. It looks very nice and elegant. Unit can be easily install with wall mount brackets provide with it. Unit has option on taking fresh air if requires. Control panel has hygrostat to set required humidity. There is automatic cut off when set humidity reaches. On control panel there is neon lamp for automatic defrost mode indication, high temperature cut off, humidity ok and power supply on indication.

Swimming Pool dehumidifier by Aerial Germany

Wall Mount Dehumidifier by Aerial

AD110 wall mounted aerial dehumidification systemAD 110 is the wall mounted dehumidifier by AERIAL other than AP series. AD 110 specially designed for living area, offices, water management facilities, yacht & Ships etc. This unit has compact size with capacity of 12 liters per day. Unit has stylish brush steel finish body. Unit can be easily mount on wall and it needs drainage point.

Unit has following features:

  1. Built in  axial fan with high air flow.
  2. Low noise, Quite operation.
  3.  Unit has responsive hot gas defrost.
  4. Built in air filter.
  5. Optional Pump kit

Laundry Dryer Dehumidifier by AERIAL

Aerial offer special indoor air-laundry dryer to dry your laundry inside your home. In todays world living spaces are shrinking and also most of people live in apartments than independent house or villa. In apartment we need to dry laundry inside our home. Hence Indoor Air laundry dryer dehumidifier dubaiAerial has come up with special system. WT series dry are wall mount dehumidifier unit with high airflow. This units available in four capacities which suitable to dry laundry of 7.5, 10,15 & 20 kgs. These dryers are quite in operation. Same unit can be use as dryer or as dehumidification mode with mode selection switch. Design of units are very slick. These dehumidifiers unit helps to dry your laundry quickly inside your home with low electricity consumption.


To know more about Aerial Dehumidifiers product then please visit us.

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Industrial dehumidifier video review; CD-85L Dehumidifier

Industrial dehumidifier video review; CD-85L Dehumidifier

In this article we will do video review of CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier. As you all aware, CD-85L is industrial portable dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech. This is one of the most selling commercial duty dehumidifier in Middle East market. Strong body, sturdy wheels, push handle and built in pump are some of the USP of CD-85L dehumidifier. So lets review this unit:

Features of CD-85L Industrial portable Dehumidifier.

Some of the important and noticing features of CD-85L dehumidification units are as follow which justify its cost.

Built in Dehumidifier pump.

CD-85L dehumidifier has built in pump to pump out condensate water. With help of this pump, industrial dehumidifier able to push condensate water up to height of 2 meter.

Built in Hygrostat.

This unit has built in hygrostat. With help of this hygrostat, Unit can show current room humidity at it display. This will avoid additional external humidity meter to cross check room humidity.

CD-85L commercial duty industrial dehumidifier.Built in Humidistat.

Humidistat is important component of automatic dehumidifier. Humidistat continuously checks humidity level of return air and instruct dehumidifier to go in sleep mode if room humidity is reach as set humidity level. And it also instruct dehumidifier to automatically switch on when room humidity increases. This make operation of dehumidifier total automatic and also it helps to save electricity and hence operating cost.

Casing of CD-85L commercial duty dehumidifier.

Body of CD-85L industrial portable dehumidifier is made up of high impact resistant plastic which can withstand heavy shock which is generally expected in industrial environment. Another advantage of this type of body is freedom from corrosion and hence logger life.

Setting of Required Humidity level.

This dehumidifier has facility to set required humidity level. Up and down arrow button are provided on control panel of this unit. You can set required humidity level with help of this button. Once humidity is set, dehumidifier will run till set point is reaches and then it switch off automatically.

Portability Features

This dehumidifier is provided with two strong pneumatic wheels and also it has push handle with which unit can be move from one place to other very easily. Since body of unit made up of plastic, overall weight of unit is very low and hence it is easy to transport.

Inlet and Outlet of Dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier take humidity air inside from front side inlet. Inlet is provided with easily removable and washable air filter which give pure air and also avoids deposition of dust and particle on internal parts of dehumidifier. This portable industrial dehumidifier give dry air from backside. Outlet of this large dehumidifier is provided with round coller which can be use to connect round duct to direct dry air to specific location.

Application of CD-85L Dehumidifier.

This industrial dehumidifier can be use for following applications:

  • In Pharmaceutical production facility.
  • In Dry fruit storage.
  • In Medicine storage and food storage.
  • In military application.
  • Use in Shipyard.
  • Use in Aviation part storage.

For further information on this industrial dehumidifier, please contact us.

CDM-50L Industrial Dehumidifier or Commercial dehumidifiers Review.

CDM-50L Industrial Dehumidifier or Commercial dehumidifiers Review.

CtrlTech is reputed industrial dehumidifier supplier in Middle East region. Recently CtrlTech launched CDM-50L series of industrial portable dehumidifier to fill large gap in small industrial dehumidification systems. In many industrial applications required small capacity but heavy duty dehumidifier. For example Shaving blade manufacturers store there furnished goods in room which is sized hardly 27 cubic meter. For such a small room, it is not economical to go for high capacity industrial. However even it is small room it need heavy duty unit to dehumidify space quickly. Hence there was need of small portable dehumidifiers of industrial grade. Considering this requirement CtrlTech launched CDM-50L series industrial dehumidifier unit which has extraction capacity of 50 liters per day.

Portable industrial dehumidifier of 50 liter per day.

Specifications of CDM-50L industrial portable dehumidifier.

Beautiful yellow-black color combination, strong metal body with powder coating paint and fire resistant are some of the unique selling points of CDM-50L large dehumidifier. This industrial dehumidifier unit provided with two large wheels at back and 360 degree rotating two front wheels. With four wheels, unit easy to move with great stability. Push handle is foldable. With foldable push handle and four wheels, unit look athletically superb so as to place even in public places. Power consumption of unit is only 940 watts at full capacity. Also since unit has built in humidistat, energy saved by automatic switch off of unit when set humidity reached. Unit fitted with branded energy efficient compressor which runs with environmental friendly R134a refrigerant gas. Unit has inbuilt 5 liter water tank which can be accessible from front bottom section. Water tank easy to remove and empty with carved handle. Tank completely invisible behind locked front panel. Intake of humid air is from front side and discharge from right side panel. This industrial dehumidifier has delayed start up for protection. Unit has built in automatic defrost which will activated if ice forms on evaporative coil to increase efficiency of unit. Unit can be ordered with option condensate pump.

Control Panel of CDM series Dehumidifiers.

LCD control panel is also one of the USP of CDM-50L industrial dehumidifier. Control Panel has built in humidistat with which it shows room temperature. Panel has indication for Fan on/off, Dehumidification on/off and Automatic defrost on/off. LCD display has “water Full” indication and this industrial portable dehumidifier will stop working. Panel also as clock. Unit has facility to set automatic on and automatic off delay timer. Set timer is visible on LCD panel. To sent required humidity level or timer, user need to use “+ ADD” and “- Subtract” button followed by set button. This is one of the best amongst small commercial duty dehumidifiers.

For more information on Industrial dehumidifier and portable dehumidifier, please contact us at 050-1537113 or email us at

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Dryer, dehumidifier and air movers for damage restoration.

Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration & Drying.

Every year across the country, we loss millions of dollars due to water damage incidences in which dehumidifier help for restoration and drying. Water damage to your home or offices can be happen due to natural calamities like floods, tsunami or hurricane or it might happen due to man made mistakes like leakage in fire suppression system pipe lines, or malfunctioning of washing machine, or leak to your roof or wall due to adjutant water body like swimming pools, river, lake etc. During fire extinguishing process, water released by fireman get hit to all surfaces of your home. These surfaces needs to get quickly dry to avoid ill effects like structural damage, bad smell, development of fungus etc. It is very common to observe leakages in basement area of homes in UK. Hence Basement dehumidifier are very common equipment there. Once your place subject to water damage then there are some equipment you need such as dehumidifier, dryer, air scrubber etc. if you like to repair damages yourself. If water damage is in large magnitude then better to high professional agency who are trained in handling such situation.

Dehumidifier and air movers for damage restoration.

Equipment use as dryer During Restoration Process.

As mentioned above we need to use combination of equipment to carry our water damage restoration. If Water damage has happened due to high flow of water like during flood, tsunami etc then first of all Water pump need to use to dewater your home. This will help to carryout other drying processes once water removed from home. If water damage has happened due to small leakages and there is no water accumulated then you can skip using pump. After this we need to us air mover or industrial fans. Air mover is equipment which release high pressure directed air flow which help to dry wet walls, floor and carpet quickly.  Quantity and capacity of air mover need to select depending on size of site and nature of damage. If site is industrial use then it is recommended to use hydroxyl generators. Hydroxyl generators since industrial site might have chemical spill, gas released which can make air hazardous. It is powerful machine with adjustment air speed, pressure control and washable filters which can work in any situation.

Why dehumidifier is important in water damage restoration process?

Dehumidifier and especially commercial dehumidifier plays very important role in water damage restoration process. After application of water pump, air movers and hydroxyl generator, still there will be wetness in area. And most importantly wetness in air which is know as humidity in air is still there. This high humidity in air causes bad smell, development of fungus and slow drying of area. Dehumidifier reduces humidity in air and helps to dry area very quickly. Also once humidity is less then development of fungus will stop. Along with dehumidifier to make air cleaner, air scrubber can be use.

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Indoor swimming pool humidity control & dehumidifier calculation.

Pool humidity control can be done with help of swimming pool dehumidifiers.

In last many article we understood need of swimming pool dehumidifiers for indoor pool humidity control. In short indoor pool humidity problem can cause mold, fungus, swelling of wood, bad smell of chlorine in your indoor pool room area. Indoor pool dehumidifier helps to remove humidity in pool room which is generated by exposed water surface area of swimming pool. Humidity generated by pool is directly proportional to water surface area and temperature of swimming pool water. Swimming pool humidity control needs efficient pool dehumidification unit. In this article we will learn how to do indoor pool dehumidifier sizing by considering actual data and arrive at proper indoor pool dehumidification calculation.

Data needed for swimming pool dehumidifiers calculation.

As mentioned above pool dehumidifier capacity is mainly depend on surface area of swimming pool and temperature of indoor  water. In addition to this you need to consider additional factors like volume of indoor pool room, type of swimming pool (residential, therapy, hotel or sport) and indoor swimming pool room temperature. Now lets consider a example of residential swimming pool. Current indoor pool humidity level is around 90% RH and owner wants it at comfortable level. For indoor pool rooms and spa it is expected that indoor swimming pool dehumidifier should reduce humidity to 60% RH. Size of swimming pool is 10 meter by 5 meter which exposed water surface area of 50 square meter. Air conditioner of indoor pool area maintaining room temperature of 25 degree Celsius. Maximum temperature setting for pool water is not more than 30 degree Celsius.

Formula for calculation of indoor pool dehumidifier size.

Here we are going to use simplified as indoor pool dehumidification calculator which is derived considering all factors effecting capacity of dehumidifier. Same formula can be use for capacity calculation of residential indoor pool dehumidifier and commercial dehumidification units. Formula for calculation of indoor pool dehumidifier is as follow:

W= 15 x [Ax(Pw-Pa)Fa]


W= Evaporation rate in kg/hr or liter/hour.

A= Water surface area of indoor swimming pool in square meter.

Pw= Saturation vapor pressure taken at water surface temperature.

Pa= Saturation pressure at room air dew point.

Fa= Activity factor depend on type of swimming pool.

Table for calcuation size of indoor pool dehumidifier for pool humidity control.To get capacity of indoor swimming pool dehumidifier let put values in above formula.  Area of swimming pool we can get from site visit. To find out Pw we need to refer table 1, from which we can find out its value corresponding to temperature of swimming pool water. Pa value can be find out from Table 2. Corresponding value of Pa with respect to room temperature can be find out. Activity factor is depend on number of people using room and their activity. Hence type of swimming pool classified into broad seven types where number of people using indoor pool varies and activity factor has been mentioned.

From Table 1: value of Pw at swimming pool water temperature of 30 degree Celsius is 0.0425

From Table 2: Value of Pa at indoor temperature of 25 degree Celsius and required humidity of 60% RH is 0.0190

Since it is residential pool, from activity factor table we can consider activity factor Fa=0.5

When we put all value in above formula, we get capacity of 8.81 liter per hour which equals to 202 liter per day.

Same calculation can be use of pool and spa dehumidifiers.

For more information of indoor pool dehumidifier please contact us.

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Wall mounted dehumidifier Vs Portable Dehumidifier.

Should we buy wall mounted dehumidifier or portable dehumidifier?  If you consider title of this article with question mark then this question is one of the common one for those who are planning to buy dehumidifier. This article will help you to understand various aspects of both type of Dehumidifiers and help you to make your decision. It is very much understood by us that high humidity in our homes is hazardous for our health and property. Deciding to buy a dehumidifier is itself 50% solution for issues due to high humidity. Making choice of right capacity, brand and type of dehumidifier is important. Capacity should be sufficient to dehumidify volume of room. You can easily decide capacity (liter per day) by online dehumidifier size calculator available online. You need to just enter volume of room in cubic meter, current humidity level in  room and room temperature in room. If you talk about different dehumidifier brands then always try to go for oldest brand with good service support. Different type of dehumidifier (in terms of mounting) are available. Portable type, Floor mounted, Wall mounted, ceiling mounted type dehumidifiers. I suggest to follow dehumidifier buying guide online. Lets understand advantages and disadvantages of both type unit.

Wall Mounted dehumidifier.

WMD series wall mounted dehumidifier in UAE, Qatar, Saudi ARabia.Need of wall mounted dehumidifier is in demand due to shirking homes size in urban areas. In some  of the parts of country cost of space covered by foot print of dehumidifier is ten times more than cost of dehumidifier. If you are living in some part of Dubai, when most of people living in studio flat due to high rents, wall mount dehumidifier can be install to save space. While buying wall mount dehumidifier we need to make sure that unit should have hose pipe connection for continuous drainage. Some wall mount unit available are comes with storage tank. Emptying storage tank every time from wall mount unit is bit difficult and always prone to spillover o water. If hope pipe connection available then you can connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. Other than saving space, major advantage of wall mounted dehumidifier is that it look very elegant and clean. For aesthetic reasons most of people prefer wall mount unit. But disadvantage of this unit is that it is fixed type of unit. Once this unit fixed on wall with drainage connection then it is difficult to relocate. Also inclusion of this type of unit need to plan at construction stage of house. Because these unit need drainage point on wall. Generally no one make provision of drainage point on wall. If you like to install in already furnished home then you need to do some civil work for arranging drainage point. If you are installing wall mount dehumidifier in swimming pool area then for drainage you need not to worry. There are two types of wall unit dehumidifier,  one is wall mounted dehumidifier which is installed over wall and other in in the wall dehumidifiers which install at back side of wall and only inlet and outlet grill is visible.

Portable Dehumidifier.

Portable dehumidifier are commonly use in most of houses. Major advantages of these type of dehumidifiers is it mobile type. Generally provided with wheels and handle which make them easily move from room to room unlike wall mount dehumidifier. Hence with one portable dehumidification unit you can use for whole house by moving it. Wall mounted unit once fix it will cover only that particular room only. Secondly wall mounted dehumidifier for residences is not a economical option as compared to mobile dehumidifier. Wall unit generally preferred for swimming pool areas due to aesthetic point and space point of view. Portable dehumidifier is always preferred over wall mounted dehumidifier.

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Wall mounted dehumidifier vs portable dehumidifier in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

In this article we will explore on five important features that dehumidifiers should have. Whenever you go for dehumidifier shopping then you need to make sure that these five features should be incorporated in your dehumidifier. We will separately explore these five features in Home dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifier and Swimming pool dehumidifier.

Five Features that Home Dehumidifiers Should Have.

It is very important to choose right dehumidifiers for your home since it is directly concern to health of your family. High humidity at home invites lots of health issues. Common health issue is breathing problem. High humidity also provide favorable conditions for Home dehumidifiers in Dubai UAE.fugue and molds. Hence choosing right home dehumidifiers is very important.

  • Automatic Operation: Home air dehumidifier should have fully automatic function. Once you set required humidity level from front control panel then home dehumidifier should stop automatically when set humidity achieved and start automatically if humidity goes high again.
  • Condensate Tank Capacity: Dehumidifiers for home should have at built in condensate tank capacity of 5 liters. Bigger than this tank size will make room dehumidifier bulky in nature.
  • Filter: Dehumidifiers prime job is dehumidification. But if you get pure air along with it then it will be icing on cake. Hence home unit should have filter at air inlet.
  • Timer: This features allows user to set delay timer to switch on or switch off unit after desired delay time in hours.
  • Continuous Drainage: In addition to inbuilt tank, dehumidifier should have facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage.

Five Features of Industrial Dehumidifier.

Most of Industrial process requires a efficient dehumidification to maintain quality. Industrial dehumidifier help to achieve required low humidity. Industrial dehumidifier required in Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Marine industries, Ship building Industrial dehumidifier supplier in Dubai UAE for dehumidification load etc. Following five features should be consider while buying commercial duty dehumidifiers.

  • Portability: Industrial dehumidifier often very heavy. Hence portability feature is important to move unit easily. Unit should have strong wheels of minimum 30 cm diameter. Dehumidifier should provided with Push handle. Movement of wheel should be smooth and it should require less effort to move unit.
  • Dehumidifier pump: Dehumidifier pump helps to pump out condensate water. At many industrial sites, drainage point not available at every rooms. In such situation, drainage pipe need to take from high level from ground. Dehumidifier pump helps to drain out condensate water in such situation.
  • Defrost & Airflow: Dehumidifier should have automatic defrosting features to avoid formation of ice on its coil which affects performance of dehumidifier. In addition to automatic defrost, button should be provided on control panale for manual defrosting.
  • Compressor: Compressor of industrial dehumidifier should use environmental friendly refrigerant gas only. It should
  • Casing: Housing case of industrial dehumidifier should be high quality plastic so that it will not have any impact of corrosion over years.

Swimming pool dehumidifier: Five Features.

In Indoor swimming pool area, high humidity generated due to pool water surface. If pool water is heated then humidity generation swimming pool dehumidifier price in Dubai UAE.will again faster. Swimming pool dehumidifier help to reduce this high humidity.

  • Mounting: Mounting of indoor swimming pool dehumidifier is very important to get best out of pool dehumidifier. There are ceiling mount, floor mount and wall mount dehumidifiers available in market. Floor mount dehumidifier will occupy your space and many times it doesn’t go with interiors decoration of you swimming pool. Wall mount dehumidifier look very good but it has limitation of capacity. Ceiling mount ducted dehumidifier is best for indoor swimming pool  area. These type of dehumidifier can connected with air conditioner duct or it can connected independently.
  • Remote Humidistat: For swimming pool area remote humidistat is recommended so as to mount on wall for easy access.
  • Filter: Swimming pool dehumidifier should have filter at inlet for pure air.
  • Hygrostat: Hygrostat should be incorporated in wall mounted humidistat to check current room humidity level.
  • Defrost: Swimming pool dehumidifier should have automatic defrosting feature since ceiling mount units are difficult to access for maintenance.

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