AD 780 best-rated dehumidifier.

AD 780 best-rated dehumidifier in Dubai and Kuwait.

In this article, we are going to review the AD 780 series best-rated dehumidifier. AD 780 is a commercial dehumidifier made in Germany. Thus, you can consider that it is a reliable unit. In essence, it is a portable system with wheels.

Choosing the right dehumidifier is a tedious job. In particular, when it needs for a specific use. In this process, a good review article proves to be a good help. And through this writing, we like to achieve the same purpose.

Why we need the best-rated dehumidifier?

The quality of factory output can get compromise at a high moisture climate. Thus, many industries need a low humidity environment. For example, every other process in Drug industries required low humidity. And it is not only during production but during storage also. High humidity can change the quality and formulation of the medicine. Hence, the best-rated dehumidifier is an essential need in Pharma.

In the same vein, leather goods storage also needs a low humidity warehouse. Moisture can damage the sheen of leather by protecting it from fungi, mold, and mildew. Also, in the lithium battery industry, a commercial dehumidifier is required. Lithium can react with water or moisture to form lithium hydroxide and heat. So, It is crucial to maintain low humidity at lithium battery storage.

AD 780 best-rated dehumidifier for commercial use.

AD 780 commercial dehumidifier features.

Ad 780 best-rated dehumidifier, is available in capacity of 78 liters per day. The casing material is of impact-proof plastic. Thus, it can bear rough use at commercial sites. On the top, this industrial dehumidifier has an elegantly designed push-handle. Also, it has two wheels, each of 30 cm diameter. In short, this is a feature-rich commercial dehumidifier system.

Components of a best-rated dehumidifier.

The coils of this unit have copper piping covered with aluminum fins. In other words, the cooling circuit has copper piping with a capillary tube and a filter dryer. The service connector is on the suction side. For the air filtration, the unit equipped with a primary filter. Intake of air from the backside. At the same time, the discharge of dry air from the front side.

This best-rated dehumidifier has an axial fan with winding protection. As a result, the unit delivers high airflow. A hermetically sealed compressor makes the system more efficient. Thus, it has protection against overloading. Also, it has vibration insulated bearings. AD 780 uses R407c refrigerant gas. Hence, it is an environmentally friendly model.

Control panel of a commercial dehumidifier.

AD 780 best-rated dehumidifier has a user-friendly control panel. It has a built-in humidistat. Hence, from the control panel, users can set the desired humidity level. The Control panel has on/of switch and sign. The defrost lamp will glow when the unit is in defrosting mode. Likewise, in the event of a fault in the pump, the pump fault sign will glow.

The working hour counter will show the total working hours. Thus, it is easy to measure the power consumption of the system. AD 780 runs on a 230V, 50Hz power supply. On the higher side, it can consume the power of around 1250 watts. This top rated dehumidifier can work in 3 to 32 degrees Celcius climate. Above all, it has an auto defrost system. Most of all, it has an easy knob to set humidity.

Applications of a best-rated dehumidifier.

AD 780 top rated dehumidifier.
  • Water worksites always have high humidity. Thus, the AD 780 unit is an obvious choice for such sites. For instance, it is useful for water plants, laundry rooms, etc.
  • AD780 used to keep food, medicine, cloth, leather warehouses dry. 
  • Low moisture is a requirement to maintain the quality of industrial processes. Hence, AD780 is a good option for Pharma and arms manufacturing process. In the same way, it is very effective in flood drying.
  • AD780 is a durable and best-rated dehumidifier. So, it can bear the worst load like an indoor swimming pool. Besides, it has an inbuilt condensate pump.

In a nutshell, the AD780 series a rugged and reliable commercial dehumidifier. For more information, please contact us.

Dehumidifier FAQ.

What are the best rated dehumidifiers?

There are several reputed brands of dehumidifiers available in the market. As an example, Stadler, Delonghi, CtrlTech, Microwell, Honeywell, Dry Air, and Bry Air. But, there are many other good brands that are not available in the UAE.

What is the best brand of a dehumidifier to buy?

As mentioned in the answers to the previous question, there are several reliable brands. For the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia mar, the best brands are Delonghi, CtrlTech, LG, Honeywell, etc.

What should I look for when buying a dehumidifier?

First and foremost, consider a brand reputation and its service support. Hence, always buy from an authorized dealer. After that, look into specifications. The home dehumidifier should have a large tank, auto operation, desired humidity setting, and filter. It should also have a meter, hose connection, auto turn off when the tank gets full.

What are the top 10 dehumidifiers in the UAE?

The best-rated dehumidifier available in Dubai are as follows.

CtrlTech makes VEDA series portable model.
Aerial, Germany made an AD 780 industrial dehumidifier.
DRY 400 by Microwell.
CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier by CtrlTech.
CDT 90 by Dantherm
FD30E by Frigidaire.
DFRB desiccant system by Fisair.
SPD-136L swimming pool dehumidifier.
FFB series by Bry Air
FSD 240L warehouse dehumidifier.