CDM-50L Commercial dehumidifier Review.

CDM-50L commercial dehumidifier Review.

CtrlTech is a reputed commercial dehumidifier supplier in the Middle East region. Recently, CtrlTech launched the CDM-50L series of the industrial dehumidifier. The reason behind this launch is to fill a large gap in small industrial systems. Hence, the capacity of this unit is fifty liters per day. It worth mentioning, this unit has the perfect balance between cost and performance.

Why CDM-50L commercial dehumidifier?

Many industrial processes required small capacity units. Yet, the unit should be heavy duty. For example, the shaving blade store needs a small but powerful dehumidifier. Due to small product size, the furnished goods room hardly 27 cubic meters.

For such a small room, it is not wise to go for a high capacity system. However, it needs a unit with high airflow. The commercial dehumidifier with more airflow can process more air. Thus, it can dehumidify space in a short time. Hence, there is a need for small portable dehumidifiers of industrial grade. Considering this need, CtrlTech launched a CDM-50L commercial grade dehumidifier.

Commercial dehumidifiers specifications. 

A beautiful yellow-black color combination makes the unit stand out. It has a durable metal body with powder coating paint. Besides, the user can order a machine with a fire-resistance body. CDM-50L follows industrial grade specifications. 

Body casing of this commercial dehumidifier can withstand rough use. As a result, it can also use at construction sites. It has an inbuilt tank to store condensate water. Thus, it can use at places that do not have a drain point. 


This dehumidifier provided with two large wheels backside. Also, it has two front wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. These four wheels, unit easy to move with high stability. The push handle is foldable. With a foldable handle and four wheels, the unit looks superb. Also, it helps to achieve portability and compactness.

Commercial dehumidifier features. 

At full capacity, the power consumption of the unit is only 940 watts. Also, since the unit has a built-in humidistat, it switches off when the set level achieved. Thus, it can save more energy. CDM-50L fitted with a branded compressor that runs with eco-friendly gas. The commercial dehumidifier has a five-liter water tank. Users can access it from the front bottom section. 

Water tank easy to remove and empty with a carved handle. Tank completely invisible behind the locked front panel. The intake of humid air is from the front side. But, discharge from the right side. Further, this unit has a delayed start for protection. 

The system has a built-in automatic defrost. And, it activated if ice forms on the evaporative coil. Thus, it increases the efficiency of the unit. As optional, the user can order it with a condensate pump.

Industrial commercial dehumidifier of 50 liter per day.

Commercial dehumidifier control panel. 

The LCD control panel is also one of the USP of CDM-50L dehumidifier. Point to note that, Control Panel has humidistat. Hence, LCD can display room humidity and temperature. In addition, the user can set the fan speed. Also, they can change the operation mode. 

For safety, the commercial dehumidifier stops working when the tank gets full. At the same time, the “water full” sign will light up. To save power, the user can set a delay on or off timer. 

During timer, the unit will start or stop after a set delay. Above all, the user can set the required humidity. To set needed moisture, user need to us add and subtract buttons. Also, the panel can lock to protect settings.


  • Due to its compact size, it used in the welding electrode storeroom.
  • Also, it often used inside shipping containers to protect cargo.
  • It also used inside the cinema projector room.
  • For a small storeroom at the pharmacy.
  • To reduce humidity, it also used in changing rooms.
  • CDM-50L unit used at a small water pump room.
  • To protect from corrosion, it uses at a car garage.

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