Review of CD-25L air Dehumidifier.

CtrlTech offers CD-25L air dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE. This dehumidifiers series specially designed for application at home, hotels, archive room etc. CD-25L is best dehumidifier for home application due to its features. High humidity at home can create moulds, fugue and bad smell. It also can create health issues like cold, cough, allergies etc. Hence controlling humidity with help of dehumidifiers is better options. While selecting home dehumidifier, we should take care that air dehumidifier should have some of must have features like Humidistat, hygrostat, hose connection etc. All Dehumidifier buying guide recommends all these features for home dehumidifier.

Features of CD-25L Best dehumidifier.

CD-25L air dehumidifier in UAE.As mentioned before dehumidifiers for home should have some basic features with which buyer should not compromise. CD-25L dehumidifier has LCD display control panel with built in hygrostat. Hygrostat help to show current room humidity on LCD display. Also dehumidifier for home use should have humidistat to set required humidity. CD-25L Dehumidifier has built-in humidistat with which we can set required humidity level. For home application generally 50 to 60% RH humidity level is recommended. CD-25L Dehumidifier also have Automatic shutdown feature. This air dehumidifier will automatically get off in case of set humidity is achieved or water tank get full. Once water tank is full, “Tank Full” LED indication on control panel will become red. Unless tanks get empty, dehumidifier will not start again. This help to avoid over spilling of drain water. This dehumidifier also has point on back side of unit to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. This feature is useful if you want to keep dehumidifier on while you are out from home for long duration. This units has other indications of fans speed (high and low) also with fan speed set button.

Applications of CD-25L Dehumidifiers.

  • CD-25L widely use for dehumification at homes.
  • CD-25L unit also use as dehumidifiers for basements.
  • Due to its silent operation, it is widely use in hotel room for as comfort air dehumidifier.

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