CD-25L air dehumidifier review.

CD-25L air dehumidifier review.

CtrlTech offers a CD-25L air dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE. This series designed for homes, hotels, and archive rooms. Worth mentioning, CD-25L is the best dehumidifier for home due to its features. High humidity at home can create molds, fugue, and bad smell. Also, It can create health issues like colds, coughs, and allergies. 

Therefore, it is in the best interest to reduce humidity at home. But, while selecting a unit, we should make sure that it should have some essential features. For example, it should have a humidistat, hygrometer, and hose connection. If you read any buying guide, it recommends all these features. 

Air dehumidifier benefits.

Health and wealth are vital for everyone. Thus, everyone wants to passage and hold it on. But, unnoticeable factor-like moisture can hamper this wish. An air dehumidifier can help you to fight it. Besides, it also reduces the rotten smell of clothes and curtains. 

As per experts, we can reduce allergy to half by using a dehumidifier on a regular basis. Not only that, but we also can improve the air quality inside our homes. Other than using a dehumidifier, we can use another way to reduce moisture. For example, placing a humidity absorbing plat is one right way. But, for the immediate effect, you need dehumidification equipment.

CD-25L air dehumidifier in UAE.

Air dehumidifier features.

As mentioned before, every dehumidifier should have some basic features. And, the buyer should not compromise on those. CD-25L has an LCD control panel. Hygrostat help to show current room humidity on LCD. Also, it has a humidistat that used to set the required moisture. 

CD-25L air dehumidifier settings.

For home application generally, 50 to 60% RH humidity level recommended. CD-25L also has an automatic shutdown feature. Besides, this air dehumidifier will switch off itself if the set humidity achieved. In the same vein, it shutdowns when the water tank gets full. 

At the same time, the tank Full LED will glow on the control panel. And, unless tanks get empty, the unit will not start again. This feature helps to avoid over spilling of drain water. The backside of the system has a drain point to connect the hosepipe. If you want to keep the unit on while you are out, then this feature is useful.

Other features.

The unit has a discharge nozzle. It is useful to direct air in a particular direction. By default, the machine starts rotating when you switch on the unit. However, the user can position it in a fixed position. 

This air dehumidifier can set at low and high speed. In case the unit is running nonstop, then it suggested to set the system in slow mode.

This unit has other fan speeds (high and low) with a fan speed set button. In contrast, it should set on high speed to lower moisture fast.

Applications of CD-25L Dehumidifiers.

  • CD-25L makes the air dry and kills mold and fungus. Hence, its use for at homes.
  • On the other hand, it can use to dry laundry.
  • Also, it uses to preserve medicines at pharmacies.
  • When it comes to the basement, this air dehumidifier is very useful. 
  •  Due to its silent operation, it used in hotel rooms.

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Air dehumidifier FAQs.

What is the capacity of the CD-25L air dehumidifier?

CD-25L has a dehumidifying capacity of 25 liters per day. Also, it can deliver airflow of 180 cubic meters per hour. Approximately, it is sufficient for a standard size bedroom.

Can CD-25L dehumidifier connect to hosepipe?

Yes, it has a facility to connect to the drainpipe for continuous drainage. This feature is useful when a dehumidifier is running at an unattended remote site or holiday homes. Besides, this system has an inbuilt tank of 5.5 liters.

What is the price of this dehumidifier?

CD-25L dehumidifier price is AED 1350 in Dubai, UAE. But, the client needs to pay VAT extra as applicable. CtrlTech offers free delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain. The point to mention here that the unit comes with a one-year warranty.

Do you need a dehumidifier in every room?

A small-capacity dehumidifier can serve a smaller space. Likewise, we need a high capacity unit for a bigger space. If the same air conditioner serves different rooms, we can opt for a single system of large capacity. Alternatively, a whole-house dehumidifier can be an excellent option to dry an entire house.

Does a dehumidifier cool a room?

Air dehumidifier helps the air conditioner to cool the air faster by reducing moisture in the air.