Wall-mounted dehumidifier Vs. Portable.

Wall-mounted dehumidifier Vs Portable.

Should we buy wall mounted dehumidifier or a portable dehumidifier? This is a common question that every other buyer faces who has a swimming pool. So, we should read the title of this article with a question mark. If you are planning to buy one, then consider this article as a guide. In particular, let’s explore wall dehumidifiers for indoor pool rooms.

It article will help you to understand various aspects of both types. Beyond doubt, it will help you to make your decision. We very much know that the high humidity in our homes is hazardous for our health and property. Deciding to buy a dehumidifier is itself half solution itself. When it comes to the swimming pool, we need to make the right choice.

Wall Mounted dehumidifier.

The need for a wall-mounted dehumidifier is in demand due to shirking homes size in urban areas. In some parts of the country, the cost of space is ten times higher than that of a dehumidifier. In some of the parts of Dubai, most of the people living in studio flats. Also, the size of indoor pool areas in villas is reducing. For such a place, a wall dehumidifier is an ideal option.

Wall mount dehumidifier features.

Wall dehumidifier for swimming pool.

By choice, a wall dehumidifier should have the facility to connect hose. This use for continuous drainage. Some wall-mounted dehumidifier is available with a storage tank. But, emptying the storage tank often from the wall unit is a bit difficult. Also, it always prone to spillover o water. Hence, a unit with a hosepipe connection preferred. 

Other than saving space, the advantage of the wall unit is its elegant look. For aesthetic reasons, people prefer a wall-mounted dehumidifier. 

Disadvantages of wall dehumidifier.

The major con of this unit is that it is a fixed type. Thus, once this unit fixed with drainage connection, then it isn’t easy to move. Also, the inclusion of this type of unit needs to plan at the construction stage. 

This unit needs a drainage point on the wall. Generally, no one makes the provision of drainage point on the wall. Hence, it isn’t easy to install wall dehumidifiers at the furnished site. Another disadvantage of this system is its limited capacity. Besides, the cost of wall mounted dehumidifiers always high than the portable type.

Wall-mounted dehumidifier for swimming pool.

When it comes to the indoor pool room, the wall unit often used. Generally, the residential pool size is not more than fifty square meters. Thus, wall hung dehumidifier suitable for private pools. Nowadays, wall-mounted dehumidifiers available in different colors. Hence, every user can find a unit that suits to their interior. 

For the swimming pool, there are two types of wall unit dehumidifiers. The first one fixes on the wall. It is visible in the indoor swimming pool. On the other hand, through wall dehumidifier installed behind the wall. Only intake and discharge grills are visible in the pool room.

Portable Dehumidifier.

Portable dehumidifiers often used in most of the houses. As the name suggests, it is a movable type. And this is its significant advantage. These units provided with wheels and handle to make them move with ease. Hence, it can move from room to room, unlike wall mount dehumidifier. 

In short, a portable unit you can use as a whole-house dehumidifier. Wall-mounted dehumidifier, once fix it will cover only that particular room only. Secondly, wall dehumidifier for residences is not a cheap option as compared. In contrast, everyone can afford a mobile dehumidifier. A wall unit preferred for pool areas due to aesthetic and space points of view. That said, a portable unit used for home and industrial use. 

Wall mounted dehumidifier vs portable dehumidifier in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

How to select a dehumidifier size?

Choosing the right capacity, brand, and type of dehumidifier is important. Size should be enough to dehumidify the volume of the room. You can decide capacity by online dehumidifier calculator. These calculation sheets are easy to use. By entering room volume and current humidity, one can get dehumidifier capacity. 

Wall-mounted dehumidifier Vs. Portable Video.

Among different brands, always try to go for the oldest brand with excellent service support. As regards to mounting, choose that best suit to your site. For instance, for the staircase, you should use wall mounted dehumidifier. Everyone should follow the dehumidifier buying guide available online. 

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