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Industrial dehumidifier.

An industrial dehumidifier is an essential piece of equipment for various commercial uses. Due to its area of use, it also called a commercial dehumidifier. When it comes to the working principle, it is the same as that of any other unit. But, it has powerful components that make it heavy duty.

Industrial dehumidification often required at the construction site. For example, to dry wet concrete, a large dehumidifier needed. In the same vein, a machine needed to create a low humidity climate to store furnished goods. Hence, CtrlTech offers special units for warehouses.

A large dehumidifier is a basic need for an indoor pool room and spas. Thus, every spa has this system. Based on the working principle, these units are of two types. First, a condensation based machine consists of a compressor. Second, the absorption type system consists of a desiccant wheel. 

Industrial dehumidifier classifications.

As mentioned before, it typed as absorption and condensation based on the working principle. Also, Industrial units classified based on mounting and area of uses. 

  • Industrial portable dehumidifiers are units with wheels. It is preferable for temporary jobs. For instance, to dry flooded site or to dry wet concrete. This system provided with either tank or condensate pump. 
  • The floor mount system is fixed units. Hence, these systems need proper installation, unlike portable machines. It designed with high extraction and process air capacity. As a result, it can use for large spaces like warehouses and parking.
  • A duct mounted system connected with the air conditioning system. It is the best form of humidity control. But, it is costly than the previous two options. Besides, these units need civil changes for its fixing.

An industrial dehumidifier should have these five features.

Building and oilfield sites often use industrial units. Thus, a heavy-duty dehumidifier should have a sturdy casing. At the same time, body casing should be corrosion proof. Also, the machine should have easy to use control panel. 

The working of the system should be automatic. In other words, it should switch on and off itself as per set and room humidity level. As the best option, the system should have an inbuilt water pump. An industrial dehumidifier must have a facility to adjust the needed humidity level.

The best dehumidifier options in the UAE.

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German dehumidifier by Aerial in UAE.

Industrial German dehumidifier by Aerial now in UAE.

As you all are aware, CtrlTech is representing Aerial German dehumidifier. We are an exclusive distributor for Aerial dehumidifier made in Germany For the UAE. Worth mentioning here that this association is more than a decade old. It is a great honor for us to be a partner with such a reputed brand. Thus, today […]

CD-85L industrial dehumidifier Dubai.

CD-85L industrial dehumidifier Dubai.

CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai offers portable, wall-mounted, & ducted units. Grab discount on dehumidifier prices in Oman, & Saudi.

CDM-50L Commercial dehumidifier Review.

CDM-50L commercial dehumidifier Review.

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Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration & Drying.

Dryer, dehumidifier and air movers for damage restoration.

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Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

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CtrlTech, become dealer for of Aerial, Germany Dehumidifier in UAE.

CtrlTech, become dealer for of Aerial, Germany Dehumidifier in UAE.

CtrlTech offer wide range of dehumidifier in UAE. Aerial, Germany is reputed manufacturer of all kinds of Portable dehumidifier & industrial. Aerial offer small portable dehumidifier, Industrial dehumidifier, Dehumidifier for warehouse and dehumidifier for swimming pool. Aerial, Germany has appointed Control Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) as their exclusive dealer for UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and other parts […]

Maintenance of Dehumidifier.

How to do dehumidifier Maintenance.

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AD 780 best-rated dehumidifier.

AD 780 best-rated dehumidifier in Dubai and Kuwait.

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CDM series Industrial Dehumidifier launched by CtrlTech.

CDM Industrial Dehumidifier launched by CtrlTech

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