Industrial dehumidifier capacity selection.

How to do dehumidifier capacity calculation?

Industrial dehumidifier capacity sizing is different than home dehumidifier calculation. In other words, it is more complex and needs to take note of many factors. A large capacity dehumidifier selection involves a detailed site study. The site study helps the designer to list down various humidity sources. Hence, all these sources need to take into accounts while making a selection.

Deciding on the home unit is very easy. We can select it by following the AHAM chart. According to AHAM, it gives capacity as per the area and current humidity. It does not take other factors into account. In short, it is the simplest method to decide the rating.

What is the dehumidifier capacity?

It is the ability of a dehumidifier to remove water content from the air. Thus, the rating of the system is defined in liter per day. A high capacity dehumidifier can extract up to 1200 liters per day. Vast spaces had large volumes and hence more air. Therefore, it needs a heavy-duty industrial dehumidifier.

Along with moisture removing capacity, the unit should have enough airflow. Higher dehumidifier capacity with low airflow will not help. At the same time, the contract is also accurate.

Factor affecting dehumidifier capacity.


The required rating of dehumidifier depends on the following parameters:

  • The volume of the space which needs to dehumidify is crucial. The capacity of the industrial dehumidifier has a direct relation to the volume. Thus, large size spaces need a high capacity unit.
  • It is challenging to dry cold places. Hence, the temperature in the room needs to consider. Please note, this parameter will affect the size of the dehumidifier and type. If the temperature in less than 15 degrees, then the desiccant type of unit is needed. In contrast, a refrigerant-based system needs to consider.
  • High humid places need a powerful machine to reduce humidity to a low level. So, the dehumidifier has to do the extra job to remove humidity from the air. Hence, a dehumidifier capacity will increase.
  • To minimize humidity to a deficient level, we need to install a high capacity system. In plain English, the required moisture level also important.

Other factors.

Fresh air added in space also brings humidity in the room. Hence, the HVAC system should treat fresh air before flushing it into the room. If not, then moisture added by fresh air need to remove by a dehumidifier. As a result of this, the dehumidifier capacity will increase. At the same time, we need to consider air extracted out.

While doing physical work, the human body gets sweating. Thus, it adds humidity in the air. So we need to consider the number of people working inside the room. Also, pay attention to the type of work they are doing. For hard physical work, there will be heavy sweating than for light work.

Other than fresh air intake, some air can infiltrate due to the quality of construction. The infiltrated humidity needs to consider with the help of the construction factor. Good quality construction will have a factor of one. And for low quality, it will less than one.

The actual calculation.

There are different formulas available for dehumidifier capacity sizing. But, almost all methods need the above factors. However, you can choose one which is easy for you. One of the essential steps is to decide g/kg using a psychometric chart. First, we need to decide g/kg at room temperature and the highest humidity level. After that, select g/kg at the required conditions.

In a nutshell, once we find out factors, then the calculation will be an easy cake. As an alternate option, visit our website and use a dehumidifier calculator. Hence, bookmark our website today.

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