How & why to do duct dehumidifier installation for indoor swimming pools

Ducted Dehumidifier; advantages and installation.

We have discussed different types of dehumidification system in our previous articles. Dehumidifier can potable, ceiling mount, floor mount, wall mount type. And these type of dehumidifier can be ducted or non ducted type based on facility available in dehumidifier to connect with air conditioner duct or not. There are advantages and disadvantage of ducted dehumidifiers. These type of system also called as whole house dehumidification systems. In this article we will discuss commercial ducted dehumidifiers in details.

Advantages of ducted dehumidifiers.

ducted dehumidifier for swimming poolTo understand advantages of these dehumidifiers, we need to understand first these ducted dehumidification systems. Ducted unit generally consist of main unit and controller. Controller generally wall  mount one with which user can set required humidity, switch on/off, set timer etc. In some cased Ducted probe type controller also use. Main unit consists of evaporator and condenser coil for dehumidification with inlet and outlet duct. These units has necessary arrangement to wall mount our ceiling mount. There are many advantages of ducted unit than portable one. First one is that ducted unit saves space since it is generally wall mount and ceiling mount unlike an portable dehumidifiers. Secondly Since it is mount above fall ceiling or outer wall, it gives quite operation than portable unit. Fully automatic operation is one of major advantages. since Ducted unit connected to central duct it easily dehumidify air to set level quickly & automatically whenever humidity level more than set level.

Type of installation of Ducted dehumidification system.

There are different way of connecting small ducted dehumidifier with your air conditioner Ducts. Some of few methods are as follow:

A) Main Return to Main Return Duct: In this configuration unit connected in parallel to main return duct. Dehumidifiers take air  from main return duct, dehumidify it and through dry air through it’s outlet duct main return duct.

Ducted dehumidifier supplier for dehumidifiation

B) Main Return to Main Supply Duct: In this configuration unit connected in parallel air conditioner unit. Dehumidifiers take air  from main return duct, dehumidify it and through dry air through it’s outlet duct main supply duct.

C) Dedicated return to main supply Duct: In configuration inlet of ducted dehumidifiers connected with dedicated return duct and outlet connected to main supply duct.

D) Dedicated return to Main Return: In configuration inlet of dehumidifier connected with dedicated return duct and outlet connected to main return duct.

E) Un ducted: In this configuration dehumidification unit not connected to any duct. It simply wall mounted or ceiling suspended in space which need to be dehumidify.

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