Wall mounted dehumidifier Vs Portable Dehumidifier.

Should we buy wall mounted dehumidifier or portable dehumidifier?  If you consider title of this article with question mark then this question is one of the common one for those who are planning to buy dehumidifier. This article will help you to understand various aspects of both type of Dehumidifiers and help you to make your decision. It is very much understood by us that high humidity in our homes is hazardous for our health and property. Deciding to buy a dehumidifier is itself 50% solution for issues due to high humidity. Making choice of right capacity, brand and type of dehumidifier is important. Capacity should be sufficient to dehumidify volume of room. You can easily decide capacity (liter per day) by online dehumidifier size calculator available online. You need to just enter volume of room in cubic meter, current humidity level in  room and room temperature in room. If you talk about different dehumidifier brands then always try to go for oldest brand with good service support. Different type of dehumidifier (in terms of mounting) are available. Portable type, Floor mounted, Wall mounted, ceiling mounted type dehumidifiers. I suggest to follow dehumidifier buying guide online. Lets understand advantages and disadvantages of both type unit.

Wall Mounted dehumidifier.

WMD series wall mounted dehumidifier in UAE, Qatar, Saudi ARabia.Need of wall mounted dehumidifier is in demand due to shirking homes size in urban areas. In some  of the parts of country cost of space covered by foot print of dehumidifier is ten times more than cost of dehumidifier. If you are living in some part of Dubai, when most of people living in studio flat due to high rents, wall mount dehumidifier can be install to save space. While buying wall mount dehumidifier we need to make sure that unit should have hose pipe connection for continuous drainage. Some wall mount unit available are comes with storage tank. Emptying storage tank every time from wall mount unit is bit difficult and always prone to spillover o water. If hope pipe connection available then you can connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. Other than saving space, major advantage of wall mounted dehumidifier is that it look very elegant and clean. For aesthetic reasons most of people prefer wall mount unit. But disadvantage of this unit is that it is fixed type of unit. Once this unit fixed on wall with drainage connection then it is difficult to relocate. Also inclusion of this type of unit need to plan at construction stage of house. Because these unit need drainage point on wall. Generally no one make provision of drainage point on wall. If you like to install in already furnished home then you need to do some civil work for arranging drainage point. If you are installing wall mount dehumidifier in swimming pool area then for drainage you need not to worry. There are two types of wall unit dehumidifier,  one is wall mounted dehumidifier which is installed over wall and other in in the wall dehumidifiers which install at back side of wall and only inlet and outlet grill is visible.

Portable Dehumidifier.

Portable dehumidifier are commonly use in most of houses. Major advantages of these type of dehumidifiers is it mobile type. Generally provided with wheels and handle which make them easily move from room to room unlike wall mount dehumidifier. Hence with one portable dehumidification unit you can use for whole house by moving it. Wall mounted unit once fix it will cover only that particular room only. Secondly wall mounted dehumidifier for residences is not a economical option as compared to mobile dehumidifier. Wall unit generally preferred for swimming pool areas due to aesthetic point and space point of view. Portable dehumidifier is always preferred over wall mounted dehumidifier.

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Wall mounted dehumidifier vs portable dehumidifier in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.