CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier

(30 customer reviews)
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CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier

(30 customer reviews)
Payment against delivery
CALL : +971 50 1537113

7,900.00د.إ VAT

Hurry up, CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier is for sale now. It is a large scale dehumidifier with pump. Buy your large unit today in Dubai, UAE.

7,900.00د.إ VAT

Hurry up, CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier is for sale now. It is a large scale dehumidifier with pump. Buy your large unit today in Dubai, UAE.

7,900.00د.إ VAT

Hurry up, CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier is for sale now. It is a large scale dehumidifier with pump. Buy your large unit today in Dubai, UAE.

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Portable industrial dehumidifier features.

Get a portable industrial dehumidifier with rich features.

CD-85L industrial dehumidifier for sale.


CD-85L is a portable industrial dehumidifier with a condensate pump. It equipped with the commercial specification. Thus, it is durable and efficient. Please find below brief specs.


  • Capacity*: 85 Liters/day
  • Volt: 220-240V/50 Hz
  • Power: 900 Watts
  • Compressor: Rotary
  • Air Volume: 730 CMH
  • Coolant: R410A
  • Running Temp.: 5 – 35°C


  • Condensate pump: Yes
  • Adjust Humidistat: Yes
  • Automatic defrost: Yes
  • Hose Connection: Yes
  • Filter: Basic filter.
  • Hygrometer: Yes
  • Noise Level: 52dB(A)

Dimension and Weight

  • Product weight: 45 kg
  • Package weight: 54 kg
  • Product size: 530 × 515 × 830 mm
  • Package size: 610 × 580 × 870 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH  |  Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.

Portable industrial dehumidifier.

CtrlTech has launched a CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier for sale. For commercial sites, this is the perfect model. Other than durability, it is more affordable. It equipped with some of the best industrial specifications. For example, it has a pump, an LCD panel, and pneumatic wheels.

With its heavy-duty drying capacity, it uses for floor disaster recovery. Also, it has a perfect balance between capacity and airflow. Lightweight and pneumatic wheels make the unit portable. CD-85L is a dehumidifier with a pump. Thus, it is the best selling industrial air dehumidifier by CtrlTech. 

Portable industrial dehumidifier features. 

CD-85L large scale dehumidifier has a capacity of 85 liters per day. Thus, it is suitable for many industrial uses. Body casing made up of impact-proof plastic. Due to which, the unit becomes lightweight. Also, the system gets protection from corrosion. At the same time, it is durable too. Black and gray color combination look great.

The unit has an efficient rotory compressor with R410a gas. At the inlet, a washable filter provided. The handle of the machine is removable. With electronic control, the unit responds faster. Also, this portable industrial dehumidifier is automatic. CD-85L is a perfect dehumidifier for industrial use with low noise and high efficiency. 

Important features.

This large dehumidifier has a centrifugal fan. Thus, it saves power while delivering constant airflow. To protect the compressor, the unit has delay startup protection. When you switch on the system, the compressor will start after three minutes. 

Dry air discharge is through the round collar. With the help of this collar, we can connect the flexible duct. And, we can divert dry air in a specific direction. Also, when the unit not in use, the hose pipe and power cord can wound on a hanger. This portable industrial dehumidifier has a compact size. Yet, it has high dehumidifying and airflow capacity.

User panel of a portable industrial dehumidifier.

Control panel of CD-85L system located at the topside. It has the least buttons but offers more control. The LED sign glows when power on, defrost, or during pursing. This system has a small water container inside. During movement, water can leak. Hence, the unit purses its tank by default whenever it switches off. Users can fo force pursing by pressing the “P” button. 

LCD shows set and room humidity side by side. With adjustable humidistat, the user can set moisture levels. Two arrow buttons can help the user to increase or decrease the count. Operating hours can be check by pressing the “T” button. For the best result, keep the clearance of 50cm from all sides. Control panel of portable industrial dehumidifier powered by 9V battery. To replace the battery, open the control panel by removing four screws.

USPs of CD-85L.

  • It has a condensate pump. Hence, condensate water can push up to a height of 4.5 meters. 
  • Body casing made from plastic. As a result, the unit becomes lightweight and free from rust.
  • This unit has a centrifugal fan and delayed start protection. Thus, the system is efficient and safe. 
  • Inlet provided with filter and outlet has a round collar.
  • This unit has a durable, efficient, and electronic design. So, it is most suitable for commercial uses.

Uses of portable industrial dehumidifier.


It is a heavy-duty machine. Thus, use for flood recovery.


It has a rustproof body. Hence, use at marine sites.


CD-85L use to dry the ammunition & equipment room.


At the construction site, it used to dry concrete.


It used at food, breweries, and pharma warehouses.


This portable industrial dehumidifier protects documents are artifacts at the museum and archive rooms.

30 reviews for CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier

  1. Wrist middle east

    We are a ship supply company. We provided this model to our clients in Africa for their workshops. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai has offered us reasonable prices and support.

  2. Sami Majzoub

    We are using this industrial desiccant dehumidifier for our pharmaceutical factory in Amman, Jorden. It is very good product.

  3. Kalyan

    We are Aircon Beibars company based in Sharjah, UAE. We are using this industrial dehumidifier for our warehouse. We sell airplane parts. CtrlTech visited our site and help in dehumidifier sizing.

  4. Ahmed

    This dehumidifier solved the problem of high humidity in our welding rod storage room. We were using it for a long time.

  5. Imran Abasniya

    Our LOUIS VUITTON store in Dubai mall flooded due to a water leak. During the restoration, we run seven units of this industrial dehumidifier. It helped to dry the store early.

  6. Peter George

    This commercial dehumidifier helped us to reduce humidity in our vegetable store. We are also using it for our greenhouse. it is good product.

  7. Robert Gumiezny Miroslaw

    This dehumidifier helped to reduce humidity in our ESSILOR AMICO factory for lenses. We manufacture contact lenses.

  8. Mohammed Jahagir

    We are a wholesaler of dry fruits. Our nuts were getting spoiled due to high moisture. Hence, we purchased this industrial dehumidifier. It solved our problem.

  9. Baladithyan

    This industrial dehumidifier we installed in our testing facility. It lowered moisture, and we can test material properly. Thanks

  10. Ahmed W Altibi

    CD85l industrial dehumidifier is a quality product. We are using it at several sites.

  11. M. Rahiman Sheriff

    This industrial dehumidifier lowered the moisture level in our chemistry lab. It has wheels, and we can move it from one lab to another. It is powerful and convenient.

  12. Muhammad Jawwad Hanif

    We were facing the issue of high humidity at our plant in Saudi Arabia. We ordered this industrial dehumidifier. It was delivered on time and working well.

  13. Hanadi Masoud

    We used this industrial dehumidifier at our oilfield plant room. It protected the rusting of machines.

  14. Estiller Jo Anbell

    We are a yarn manufacturing company. We required this industrial dehumidifier for our factory store. It helped to reduce moisture.

  15. Manoj Kumar

    This dehumidifier reduced humidity in our warehouse. We store ready-made garments in this place. Also, it removed the bad smell from the garments.

  16. Zoltan Loerentei

    High humidity in the falcon center affects reproduction. We installed a CD-85L industrial dehumidifier, and it able to control humidity.

  17. Mohammed Hijas

    We are poultry form at Ras Al Khaima, UAE. To store poultry, we need a warehouse with low humidity. CtrlTech offered us this dehumidifier. Right solution by them.

  18. Florencio Glino

    We are a reputed water park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are using this industrial dehumidifier for the last eight years. It is a reliable and durable model.

  19. Zaid Fawzi

    I am using this industrial dehumidifier in my pharmaceutical factory in Erbil, Iraq from last 8 years. This one of this best commercial dehumidifier i have used.

  20. Mohammed Sardar Ahmed

    First, we purchased this portable dehumidifier for our vessel parked in Fujairah. This industrial dehumidification system really excellent. we brough many unit over period of two years.

  21. Layth Fayez

    Good service and product by Ctrltech dehumidifier UAE. This industrial dehumidifier faced issue after 6 year. On request Ctrltech supplied spare parts very quickly

  22. Muhammad Sharaf Al Deen

    it is good dehumidifier. From last 3 years we are using in our pharmaceutical factory in Jeddah and Riyadh factory in Saudi Arabia. It is very robust and easy to use.

  23. Gerwin Stegeman

    Buy this CD-85L industrial portable dehumidifier from Dubai for our oilfield project in Brunei. So far this dehumidification system is working very nicely.

  24. Aslam Sherif

    Using this industrial dehumidifier from last 4 years for our warehouse. It is most durable and reliable commercial dehumidifier.


    We are using this industrial dehumidifier for store room in our fish processing plant. It is helping to reduce humidity.

  26. Burgos Ireneo Luis

    We supplied this CD85L dehumidifier for a greenhouse in Oman, Muscat. It is working in good condition and we are happy with this product.


    We used this industrial dehumidifier on rental. We hired it at a very reasonable cost. Ctrltech delivered, started, and gave short training to our staff.

  28. Rajeev

    We replace ebac industrial dehumidifier with this model. It is easy to use. We can maintain low humidity in our drug store.

  29. Moussi Aad

    Used this industrial dehumidifier for our tunnel construction site. This unit does not have a tank. Hence, it was difficult to connect the drainpipe. But the product is good.

  30. Venkatramani

    Good quality of dehumidifier. We used it in the server room at one of our client’s places.

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