portable dehumidifier


Portable Dehumidifier

We offer wide range of small Portable dehumidifier for home, restaurant, Gym, hotel room etc. Excess humidity at homes, apart from creating an unpleasant environment, it's also cause of damage to the room structures, and, favouring the proliferation of mildew and bacteria, it may compromise the correct hygienic conditions. Due to high humidity in living areas cause musty odor from cloths and carpets. Dehumidifier can be solution of all these problems. See More.......


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Industrial Dehumidifier 

CtrlTech offers commercial or  Industrial dehumidifier ranging from 20 lit/day to 600 lit/day capacity. CtrlTech's Industrial Dehumidifier are made up with all-weather proof material which ensures high durability, robustness & Reliability. Condensation Industrial dehumidifier type offered with our without condensate pump. In series of industrial type we offer desiccant dehumidifier, marine & explosion proof dehumidifier. See More......




Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is must have equipment for Indoor Swimming pool. High humidity in indoor swimming pool area can create unhealthy, unpleasant environment in indoor pool. Swimming pool Dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity and avoid mold, odour, rusting of metal and damage of property. Ceiling mount condensation type recommended for indoor pool. CtrlTech offers SPD series of ceiling mounted condensation dehumidifier for swimming pool. See More.......


  • Home : High humidity in home can create bad swell, mould and fungus which can compromise health safety.
  • Hospitals: Germs grows at faster rate in humid areas. Also some medicine need to be store in low humidity.
  • Spas & Shower room: Humidity in Spa % Shower room will be very high since hot water evaporates and water get added into air. For this type of application we  suggest condensation type unit.
  • Gymnasium: At high humidity one feel uncomfortable in Gymnasium since swept will not get dry quickly.
  • Museums: At high humidity mental arts can get rust, paper can spoil. In Old car museum other any other museum which stores metal and paper artefacts should have low humidity.
  • Swimming pool: High humidity in swimming pool is due to larger water surface area of swimming pool which evaporated water. And if it is heated swimming pool then evaporation of water takes place at much more faster rate which increases humidity.
  • Workshops: To avoid rusting of metal parts, workshops should have low humidity environment.
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