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Dehumidifiers for industrial, swimming pool, home, cold room, and warehouses. Reliable and affordable drying solution.

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Industrial Dehumidifiers in Dubai.
Commercial and heavy duty.

Industrial dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers needed to improve the reliability of equipment and production processes. Also, it enhances material by reducing static charges and reduces corrosion. It is getting used often at many sites. Thus, the unit should be energy efficient too. These machines are more robust than standard residential models. At the same time, it is more expensive.
Jobs like flood recovery, painting, and construction need industrial units. It can be of mechanical or absorption type. CtrlTech offers various models that suit for commercial use. For example, they have portable, wall mount and ducted industrial models. CD and CDM series is a mobile dehumidifier.
Ducted, Elegant and efficient.

Swimming pool dehumidifier.

The water surface of the pool generates moisture. And, this moisture gets trapped inside the pool room. High humidity in the indoor pool area can create an unhealthy and unpleasant place. Hence, a swimming pool dehumidifier is essential for every indoor pool room. In other words, it is an avoidable piece of equipment.
The pool dehumidification system should also match to interior of the room. Thus, it often fixed outdoor or above the ceiling. As a result, we need to select a silent unit. A wall mount unit suggested for small pools. Hence, compactness is a primary criterion while selecting it. CtrlTech offers SPD series duct dehumidifier. It provides with wall controller. Also, they offer Mircrowell brand wall mounted units.
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Dehumidifier for swimming pool.
Warehouse dehumidification system.
Large, powerful and affordable.

Warehouse dehumidification.

It is always a challenge to dry vast space like warehouses. Therefore, CtrlTech has come up with an FSD series unit. Also, meeting airflow demand for massive places is another dare. Also, the budget needs to keep under control. We have a choice between freestanding and ceiling units. If you ask us, we recommend a floor mount unit.
Floor standing units are easy to fix and use. Besides, it ensures uniform air distribution. On the other hand, the ceiling unit needs ducting. As a consequence, it increases the cost. An FSD series warehouse dehumidifier can process more air and dry it. Other and warehouses, it can use at the museum, parking, & hangars. In the same vein, it used at drug factories to reduce moisture.
Small, silent and eco-friendly.

Home drying system.

For everyone, a home is always a special place. So, we want our home safe, healthy, and happy. But, high moisture inside your property might challenge it. High humid spaces are a paradise for mold and fungus. Thus, it develops with leaps and bound under humidity. The spore of fungus can enter the body through respiration.
Also, high moisture causes the bad smell of cloths. It can damage expensive painting and electronic gadgets. In short, it is worth investing in a home dehumidifier. CtrlTech offers CD and VEDA series of portable units along with its industrial dehumidifiers. These units have a large tank, filter, and compact size. Most importantly, all models are power efficient and affordable. If required, power mode can save more energy.

why ctrltech dehumidifier?

Value for Money.

At CtrlTech, we ensure that client gets a reasonable amount and quality of goods or services for the amount of money they spend.

Best support.

Also, after the sale, we make sure that your machine runs without any glitch. Thanks to our best customer support and service team.

One-stop solution.

For all kinds of drying needs, get in touch with us. We offer a dehumidification solution for every industry at a single window.

How do dehumidifier work?

Let’s discuss how desiccant and mechanical units work. Within it, the mechanical system consists of a compact refrigerant circuit. Humid air pulled over the cold evaporator coil. In consequence, air moisture gets converted into water. After that, water accumulated in the tank and dry air possed over the condenser coil. Subsequently, dry and warm air release into room.
A desiccant dehumidifier has a silica gel wheel that rotates. In particular, silica gel has natural properties to absorb moisture. When humid air passed through this wheel, it absorbs humidity. Hence, dry air gets delivered. And, the silica wheel becomes wet.  Hot air passed over the damp wheel to dry it. 

Mechanical dehumidifiers for Vs. desiccant.

First of all, we should know to choose the right dehumidifier. That is to say, select a unit that suits your site conditions. At the same time, it should be cheaper.

Mechanical dehumidifier.

  • Mechanical units use condensation principle.
  • This dehumidifier is economical at higher temperatures and humidity.
  • The refrigerant units do not have heaters or motors. Hence, it consumes less power.
  • It uses standard refrigerant circuit components like the compressor and coils. Therefore, it is cheaper.
  • It is silent in operation.

Desiccant dehumidifier.

  • The desiccant unit uses a silicon base rotor.
  • It is inexpensive at low temperatures and lower humidity.
  • Absorption dehumidifiers have a heater, motors, and blowers. Thus it consumes more power.
  • It uses desiccant rotors that very costly. So, these units are expensive.
  • It is noisier than a mechanical unit.

Applications of dehumidifiers.


At every home, it needed to improve indoor air quality.


To protect the health, it uses at the gymnasium, spas, and shower rooms.


At swimming pools to stop the menace of high humidity.


It protects wealth, at the museum and equipment rooms.


For the food & pharma industry, the low moisture level is a vital parameter.


It creates a dry place for industrial production and storage.

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