warehouse dehumidifier in UAE.

Warehouse dehumidifier for dehumidification.

Large spaces need high capacity warehouse dehumidifiers. Even though the best quality construction, moisture travels into storage from outside. As a result, this moisture can spoil material stored inside warehouses. For example, electronics can damage if dryness does not maintain inside the storage. Hence, efficient warehouse dehumidification needed. 

Warehouses are vast in size. Thus, a powerful dehumidifier needed to dry it. For cold warehouses, the desiccant type unit recommended. On the other hand, a refrigerant dehumidifier is best for storage without cooling. Also, it can use for an air-cooled warehouse with a temperature of more than 15 deg. In the same vein, airplane hangers need low humidity. High moisture inside the hook can harm plane parts. CtrlTech offers suitable industrial dehumidifiers for the warehouse. 

Warehouse Dehumidifier Features.

CtrlTech’s storage dehumidifier has a robust design to dry big spaces. Besides, it is available in a massive drying capacity of 240 to 1600 liters per day.

Warehouse dehumidifier types.

The warehouse dehumidification system can be of portable, floor our ceiling mount type. However, floor mount units often used. For small storage, we can use a portable industrial dehumidifier. But, for a large one, we need to go for a floor or ceiling unit. Preferably, use several machines rather than using a single unit. Point to note, manifold units give redundancy and uniform drying. 

For warehouses, CtrlTech recommends their FSD and SPD series. As mentioned before, FSD is a standing unit. In contrast, SPD is a ceiling mount ducted system. FSD series is available up to a capacity of 1600 liters per day. This warehouse dehumidifier designed with extra high airflow. Kindly note, vast spaces need more airflow capacity units. It is easy to install and use with low maintenance. On top of it, FSD units are cheap with reliability.

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Warehouse dehumidifier FAQs

What a warehouse dehumidifier?

It is like any other dehumidifier. But, it equipped with large dehumidifying capacity. Also, it can process large air at one time.

Which type of unit is best suitable for warehouses?

We recommend, freestanding unit. The reason behind this, it available in a bigger capacity as required. Secondly, it is straightforward to install. Also, it can deliver large air.

Should we use single or many small units?

For large warehouses, various units are suitable. Uniform drying is a challenge for large space. But, by fixing many systems, we can overcome this challenge. Besides, in case one of the units fails still we can manage with other machines.

When to use ceiling mount warehouse dehumidifier?

Ceiling mount units need ducting to circulate dry air. Hence, it is easy to install when constructing a warehouse. Also, if you like to fix the ceiling mount, then go for several units than single.

Can I use a desiccant type unit for warehouses?

Yes, you can use it. But, this type of unit used places like cold storage. For a regular warehouse, you can install a condensation based unit and save cost.

Whom should I contact for the supply and fixing?

For a complete warehouse dehumidification solution, please contact CtrlTech at +971 50 1537113.

How to install a floor standing unit?

A freestanding unit like FSD needs a power supply and drain point only. But, position machines such that dry air has a uniform discharge. After that, the user can switch on the unit and set the required humidity from the control panel.

How to fix ducted warehouse dehumidifiers?

You need experts to do the ducting and commissioning of the unit. For the ceiling mount system, always include fixing in supplier scope. Thus, request quotations, including supply, fixing, and commissioning.

What is the maintenance procedure?

Like other units, it also needs cleaning of filters and gas pressure checking. Also, we need to clean units from inside with blower. For the duct model, contact to supplier for preventive maintenance.

Benefits of warehouse dehumidifier.


It creates dry conditions. Hence, it preserves material like food & medicine.


It prevents corrosion. For example, in an airplane hanger, it protects the fleet. 


Dehumidifiers reduce worker’s fatigue by lowering humidity.


These units consume less power. Also, it is easy to install.


Warehouse dehumidifiers are compact. Yet, it is powerful.

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