Industrial dehumidifier in UAE.


Industrial Dehumidifier in UAE.

 Industrial dehumidifier (ID) or commercial dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity and help industrial process or application. We are industrial dehumidifier supplier in UAE. Most of Industrial processes required controlled humidity environment. Industrial type is heavy commercial duty dehumidifiers which has much more moisture removal capacity than a typical residential type. ID are with high durability, robustness & Reliability. It also designed for dehumidification at low temperature. These are desiccant dehumidifier. Industrial dehumidifier generally consists of condensate pump and made up of all-weather material. Depend on applications and working principle it also called as desiccant type, marine dehumidifier. Ctrltech is reputed dehumidifier supplier in UAE.

CtrlTech offers CD series Industrial Dehumidifier in UAE ranging from 30 lit/day to 150 lit/day  in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaima, UAE, Qatar, Doha, Muscat, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. More details are as follow:

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  •    Technical Specifications:  

       Power Consumption: 1300 Watts                                              Noise Level (approx.): >52 db

       Voltage: 220V-240V/50 Hz                                                       Weight: 54 Kg

       Extraction (30°C, 80% RH): 85 lit/day                                        Dimension (W x D x H): 515 x 530 x 830 mm

       Humidity Setting: Available                                                     Drain Hose: Terminal for continuous drainage

       Compressor: Rotary                                                                 Water Pump-Out Volume: Centrifugal

       Running Temperature: 5-32°C                                                 Wheels: 290mm pneumatic type

       Coolant: R410A                                                                        Handle: Availalble

  •    Product Features: 

    • Elegant Design with color plastic body.
    • Soft key control panel to set humidity level.
    • Built-in humidistat.
    • Rotary compressor.
    • Maximum Air Flow.
    • Ecologic refrigerant gas R410a /R470
    • Low Power consumption.
    • Washable Air Filter.
    • Drain hose for Continuous water discharge.
    • Hour Meter to see working hours.

  •    Applications:

    • Industrial
    • Spas & Shower room.
    • Gymnasium.
    • Museums.
    • Warehouses
    • Workshops
    • Archives.
    • Swimming pool.

  •    Documentations:  

       Product Catalogue: CD-85L Dehumidifier

       Product Manual: CD-85L Dehumidifier Instruction Manual 

Why Business need desiccant dehumidifier or Industrial Dehumidifier ?

Many Industrial applications need controlled or low humidity environment. For such kind of  Industrial dehumidifier or Commercial large dehumidifier is an essential piece of equipment. Industries like biomedical, Food requires clean and humidity controlled environment. ID can control humidity in large areas like manufacturing plants, Auditorium, Gym, Industrial processes. We are one of the best dehumidifier supplier in UAE who provide complete dehumidification solution. All range of commercial dehumidifiers for sale available by CtrlTech.

                          Desiccant dehumidifier              FSD-Dehumidifier                


How Condensation type Industrial Portable Dehumidifier work?

Industrial Dehumidifier work by forcing condensation on cold surfaces. Please refer diagram below.

working of condensate dehumidifier

All condensation type Industrial Portable Dehumidifier produced with same principle. Humid air is drawn over cooled fins that makes moisture condense on the large cool surface. The condensation is allowed to drain from the fins into a collection tank, or is piped to a suitable drain. The fins are kept cool in the same way a fridge or an air conditioner keeps cool. In many respects a dehumidifier is similar to an air conditioner, with similar components (fan, condenser, cooling fins, refrigerant and pump). Al condensate type dehumidifier in UAE supplied by Ctrltech are based on same principle.

Desiccant Industrial Dehumidifier How It Works?

Desiccant industrial dehumidifier basically consist of desiccant wheel which absorbs humidity from air when air passes over it. Please refer diagram below:


Commercial Desiccant dehumidifier consists of desiccant wheel made up of absorbent material like silica gel. This will continuously rotating with help of drive motor. Wheel divided in two part (reactivation area and process area) with proper isolation. Humid air enters from Process air inlet through filter and process fan and pass through desiccant wheel. When humid air pass through desiccant wheel, silica gel of wheel absorbs humidity from air due to its property. Hence humidity get removed and dry air comes out of dehumidifier. During this process desiccant wheel becomes wet due to continuous absorption of humidity from inlet air. To dry wheel reactivation area will be use. Reactivation air passes through filter and heater and this hot reactivation air passed through desiccant wheel in reactivation area. When hot reactivation air passes over wet desiccant wheel , it will dry wheel and it become humid. this humid reactivation air then through out of area (which need to be dehumidified) with help of reactivation fan. This process continuous. Commercial desiccant dehumidifier comes in big size and major disadvantage of these units is high power consumption.

Reputed Industrial Dehumidifier supplier in UAE:

We clearly stand out amongst all Industrial dehumidifier manufacturers. Ctrltech offers wide range of Industrial Dehumidifiers. CD-85L cheapest Dehumidifier is most ceiling Industrial Portable Dehumidifier in UAE. We offer DD series of desiccant dehumidifier. For warehoused there is special type of floor mount FSD series Industrial dehumidifier are recently launched in UAE.

CD-85L Dehumidifier Product Video.

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