industrial dehumidifier in UAE.

Industrial dehumidifier in UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

An industrial dehumidifier reduces humidity and helps industrial processes. Most of the manufacturing processes required controlled humidity spaces. Also, furnished goods need dry storage. Hence, industries use commercial-duty dehumidifiers that have high moisture removal capacity. 

Cleanness and low moisture are some of the basic needs of many industries. For example, changing humidity in the pharma and food industries can spoil production. Thus, to create dry spaces, commercial dehumidifiers get used. These units have designed with larger dehumidifying and airflow capacity. Also, it has a durable design and high efficiency. CtrlTech offers a wide range of industrial units in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Oman.

Industrial Dehumidifier Features.

CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier in UAE offers reliable & tough products. Besides, their products are rich with features and inbuilt options.

What is an industrial dehumidifier?

The working principle of the industrial unit is the same as a residential unit. But, other points make the industrial unit to stand out. The industrial unit has a robust casing to withstand rough uses at the site. In other words, it can tolerate low or high temperatures and humidity. It designed with high dehumidifying capacity and process air. In short, these units have a durable design. 

An industrial dehumidifier has more inbuilt options than a home type model. For instance, it has an inbuilt condensate pump, axial fan, LCD controller, and hot gas defrost. Due to all these reasons, commercial dehumidifiers are more costly than standard units. CtrlTech is a supplier of the industrial dehumidifier in UAE, Abu Dhabi & Jeddah. 

Dehumidifier in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, & Kuwait.

Industrial Dehumidifier FAQs

Based on design principles, dehumidifiers are condensation and desiccant types. Also, it classified as portable, duct, and ceiling types based on mounting.

Commercial units need to size as per the engineering method. Hence, it includes humidity load due to ventilation, air leakage, and human. Also, the calculation should factor room volume along with indoor and outdoor temperatures.

To find out CFM, we need to multiply room volume in cubic feet to ACH. After that, divide it by 60 minutes to get the CFM rating of the unit.

It stands for air exchange per hour. High humidity in the room means we need to pass air through dehumidifier more often. There is a standard chart available for ACH corresponding to the moisture level.

It depends on the drying capacity of the unit at a given temperature and humidity level. To know the exact value, follow the capacity curve of the dehumidifier.

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Users can install portable units themself. But, they need to follow the procedure mentioned in the manual. But, for fixing the duct and ceiling type unit, you should contact the dealer.

Yes, you need one. Most of the unit has an inbuilt condensate pump without a tank. Hence, you need a drain point to connect hose.

The unit needs a free flow of air. Hence, there should be a clearance of at least 50 cm at the intake and discharge side of the unit.

For durability, the unit should service at least once a year. Other than the cleaning of the machine and filter, we need to check the gas pressure. Also, the battery in the control panel needs to replace. Power cords and fuses need to check. We recommend to take AMC for industrial dehumidifiers.

Benefits of an industrial dehumidifier.


A dehumidifier makes the air dry. Thus, it avoids corrosion at factories.


It maintains humidity. So, it helps to improve product quality.


An industrial dehumidifier prevents condensation.


It kills mold. Therefore, it helps to enhance hygiene in the food industry.


Moisture damages electronics. Hence, it uses at Data centers.

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