Indoor pool dehumidifier for the swimming pool room.

Indoor pool dehumidifier for swimming room in Dubai.

Nowadays, an indoor pool dehumidifier install at every indoor swimming pool. High humidity at an indoor pool room is a common problem. Thus, this high moisture brings lots of health issues. Also, it can destroy the property. A pool room dehumidifier helps to protect our health and wealth. 

For small residential pools, we can use a portable dehumidifier. But, when it comes to large commercial pools, we need a ducted system. And most important, it needs to plan at the design stage of the pool. Yet, we can achieve the same effect will many portable or wall-mounted dehumidifiers. If we compare costs, many units will cost more than a single system.

Why indoor pool dehumidifier?

Due to coldness in the pool room, moisture in the air gets condensed into water droplets. Hence, we can observe water drops on the ceiling of the indoor pool room. In the same vein, window glass gets covered by water. As mentioned before, high moisture hampers health and wealth. Let’s discuss the same in detail.

Indoor pool dehumidifiers to avoid property damage.

A pool room dehumidifier is very useful to protect pool infrastructure. Once moisture gets condensed, it can cause the pilling of wall paints and ceiling. Also, wooden furniture gets swollen due to wetness. In extreme cases, it can damage electronics like TV. 

At one of our client’s places, he was getting continuous LCD tv failures installed in the pool area. As suggested by a TV technician, he fixed an indoor pool dehumidifier. And, after that, he never got an issue with his TV.

Dehumidifiers for health. 

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High humidity causes the development of mold and fungus. Hence, the spores of the fungus can bring lots of allergies. For example, it causes sneezing, watery eyes, dizziness, and some allergies. Pool water contains Chlorine. Along with water, Chlorine also evaporates and min in the air. And this is hazardous for the health of occupants.

High humidity also gives rise to harmful bacteria and dust mite. Spores of mold and enter in our body during breathing. So, it can cause irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. Some of the molds are poisonous. Thus, it can create severe respiratory diseases. A good indoor pool dehumidifier can protect you from all these issues.

When indoor pool dehumidifier needed? 

We have convinced that indoor pool rooms are humid places. But, we need to understand how this moisture generates. This process will help us to understand the whole process. In particular, it will help is sizing pool room dehumidifier. Humidity gets produce from pool water during evaporation. And, evaporation happens due to the temperature difference between room air and pool water. 

This fact implies that if a pool and water heater, then moisture generation will be more. Besides, it will be at a faster range. Thus, dehumidifier sizing is dependent on water and air temperature. Evaporated moisture mix into the air and increased the relative humidity of the room. When installing an indoor pool dehumidifier, it removes moisture from the air in the form of water.

High humidity indicators at the indoor pool room.

With specific common symptoms, we can notice the problem of wetness at an early stage. Hence, if you do not have a pool room dehumidifier at your pool, you can plan for one.

.Indicators of high humidity in swimming pool areas are as follow:

  • An important indicator is the “smell of chlorine.” When evaporation increases, first you notice Chlorine smell. Thus, it would help if you took corrective action at this stage only. If you have a pool heater, then reduce its heat setting. Also, make your AC hotter. 
  • When you do not stop evaporation at an early stage, then moisture starts condensing. As a result, you will begin observing the wet floor, wall on the window glass.
  • If humidity is very high and AC set at a low setting, you will find water drops on the ceiling and AC grills.
  • Due to moisture, you will notice a smell, rusting on metal, and swelling of the wood. Electronic items can malfunction.

To avoid the menace of humidity, we need to install an indoor pool dehumidifier.

Indoor pool room dehumidifier capacity.

Choosing the right capacity of the indoor pool dehumidification system is very crucial. An under capacity calculation will give poor performance. In the same vein, if it oversized, then it will cost you more. The pool room dehumidifier calculation depends on the following factors.

  • First, dehumidifier capacity depends on the area of the indoor swimming pool. If the area if more there will be more evaporation. Hence, we need a bigger size dehumidification system. 
  • Second, dehumidifier sizing depends on the pool water temperature. Heated water evaporates at a faster rate. Thus, it will generate more moisture. In consequence, it needs a bigger capacity indoor pool dehumidifier.
  • Sizing is also dependent on the number of occupants in the indoor swimming pool area.
  • Room temperature in the indoor swimming area.

Choosing the right type

SPD swimming pool dehumidifier.

It is vital to choose the right type of unit with a suitable working principle. Also, it is equally essential to select the correct mounting type. It is a wrong practice to install a desiccant unit for the swimming pool. Always choose a refrigerant type unit for the indoor pool room. 

For pool, a ceiling mount duct dehumidifier recommended. For a commercial pool with large floor space, we can consider a floor mount unit. But, for a residential pool, a wall mount unit is the right choice. Or, as mentioned before, use a ducted indoor pool dehumidifier.

SPD pool room dehumidifier.

SPD series is a wall or ceiling mount dehumidifier. It is available from a capacity of 56 to 1200 liters per day. This system is silent, easy to fix and maintain. With a wall mount panel, the unit can operate with ease. It has a rotor compressor with R410 gas. Centrifugal fans make the unit efficient and silent.

SPD-136L unit can connect to a wall mount controller. Thus, the user can control the unit remotely. On top of it, it has two modes of operation. The indoor circulating mode, fan get switches off when moisture gets reduce. Thus, it is ideal for swimming pool dehumidification. In the fresh air setting, the fan runs continuously.

DRY 1200 indoor swimming pool dehumidifier.

For small or compact swimming pools, a wall mount dehumidifier always is a good option. Although CtrlTech has come up with a large capacity wall-mounted system that can address vast pools’ humidity issues. DRY 1200 indoor pool dehumidifier also can be floor mount. As an option, clients can order outdoor type unit with IP54 protection.

DRY 1200 model available in three texture. Thus, users can choose between metal, silver, or white plastic finishes. When it comes to drying capacity, it can extract up to 181 liters per day. It is energy-efficient, and at the same time, it is climate-friendly. Along with a compact footprint, it works silently. A wall-hung bracket is provided with every system.


  • We need an indoor pool dehumidifier. High humidity in indoor swimming pool areas creates health issues and damages property.
  • The primary source of moisture in the indoor swimming pool area is evaporation. And, evaporation increases with an increase in the pool area and water temperature.
  • The condensation type, ceiling ducted dehumidifier, is more suitable for an indoor pool.

FAQs of swimming pool dehumidifier.

Do indoor pools need a dehumidifier?

Yes, every indoor pool room needs a dehumidifier to remove moisture generated by the water surface. Uncontrolled high humidity can hurt the occupant’s health & comfort.

What does a dehumidifier do in a swimming pool?

The primary function of a pool room dehumidifier is to reduce humidity. As we all aware, the pool water surface evaporates and adds moisture to the air. Thus, it increases dampness in the room and creates health issues, and damage property. In addition to reducing wetness, it improves indoor air quality and comforts.

What is the ideal humidity for a pool room?

The recommended humidity for an indoor pool room is between 55 to 60% RH. A higher moisture level can damage the interior decoration of the room. Also, in the worst case, it can affect building structure.

Can you use a dehumidifier for an indoor pool?

Yes, you can use it. And it would be best if you used it to avoid loss of property and health.

When indoor pool dehumidification system needed?

The temperature difference between air and pool water causes the generation of moisture. And it is visible via symptoms like condensation, pilling of the wall, dampness, etc. If you observe these indications or use a heater for the pool, you must use a dehumidifier.

Where can I buy an SPD swimming pool dehumidifier in Dubai?

You can buy this indoor pool dehumidifier online. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer directly. You can get contact details from Google.

Which is the right type of indoor swimming pool dehumidifier?

For the large commercial pool, always use a ducted or floor mount system. And for small residential pools, a wall mount dehumidifier is practical and suitable.

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