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A silica gel has a natural tendency to absorb moisture. Hence, the whole desiccant dehumidifier working principle revolves around this fact. As we know, the compressor dehumidifier uses a cold coil surface to remove humidity. In other words, it uses the temperature difference between coil and air. Thus, it has a limitation when it comes to cold places. 
In contrast, absorption units use the inherent nature of the silica gel. Thus, silica gets dehumidifiers can use at cold and warm in both places. But, it is also a fact that we need to shell out more money during buying. Besides, it has a high operating cost. In short, for cooler climate applications, use desiccant units. And for warm places, a refrigerant dehumidifier is suitable. For instance, for cold room desiccant system is better. But, for warehouses, compressor systems perform well.

Desiccant dehumidifier Features.

A desiccant dehumidifier has its distinct features. With the help of these features, it can use to dehumidify cold rooms.

Desiccant dehumidifier operation.

As the main component, it consists of a large desiccant wheel. This wheel made up of silica gel. Thus, it can suck the wetness of air. The desiccant rotor keeps rotating so that it can dry more air. As a result, the desiccant rotor becomes wet. To dry this wheel, hot air passed over it. This air called regulation air taken from outside. And, hot, humid air also through out. 
Besides the rotor, it has a heater, blowers, and a rotating motor. Hence, these units consume more power than refrigerant units. The ability of the rotor to dehumidify air does not depend on air temperature. Thus, these units can perform even below zero degrees Celcius. In the same vein, at hot places also. A desiccant dehumidifier can design to achieve a very low humidity. And it can connect inline with a fresh air duct. But, condensation units can not reduce humidity below 40% RH. 
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Desiccant dehumidifier FAQs

Desiccant units have an inbuilt silica gel wheel. This wheel absorbs humidity when humid air passed over it. Hence, it can reduce moisture and supply dry air.

The desiccant dehumidification system can use both hot and cold clients. But, the condensation unit can not work in cold areas. Also, desiccant dehumidifiers are expensive than refrigerant units. Thus, it is a wiser choice to use a desiccant unit for cold spaces only.

The absorption type unit consists of a motor, heater, and blowers. So, it consumes more power than the compressor type unit. Even so, the compressor unit will consume more power if it used at cold places due to often defrosting.

For the given capacity, desiccant systems are costlier than a refrigerant machine. Hence, it should use if and only if there is real demand.

There is no other choice; you need to use desiccant machines. A refrigerant type unit can not achieve such a low humidity level.

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First of all, you need a trained engineer. Second, you need a power supply and clearance to hang the unit. We need access to fix reactivation and exhaust air piping.

If the unit is IP65 or higher protection, then you can install it outside. But, check the thermal insulation grade of components.

Yes, if the system has a humidistat controller on it. Generally, it fired on the unit. Also, there is an option to connect the remote wall mount controller.

General maintenance needed checking of fuses, motor, and filter. Need to check the rotation motor belt.

Benefits of desiccant dehumidifier.


It can use in warm and chilling areas. Hence, it is multipurpose. 


  1. To achieve very low humidity, it is the best choice.


It is quiet in operation. So, it can use for residential buildings too. 


It has a rugged construction. Thus, it is durable.


Low capacity desiccant dehumidifiers are light in weight. 

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