Whole house dehumidifier for the home.

Whole house dehumidifier for home.

The whole house dehumidifier is worth you are facing humidity issues in the entire home. In other words, instead of many portable units, you can opt for a single system. But is the whole home dehumidifier worth it? It is a common question. The best central dehumidifier system should have performance and low cost. Hence, we will discuss the initial and operating costs in detail. Besides, we will compare its performance with a portable dehumidifier. At the end of this article, you will get the answer to this question.

Recently, we got from our client residing in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. It is a classic case study for the whole house dehumidifier. They were facing a high humidity problem in their entire villa. As a result, they are noticing wetness on the floor, condensation of the ceiling. On top of it, a bad smell is prevalent in the entire house. After the site study, we came to know that problem is due to the location. The Palm Jumeirah is very close to the sea. And when humid air enters into the villa, when windows and balconies are open. Thus, it increased the moisture level inside. We solve the issue with the right solution.

What is the whole house dehumidifier?

In simple terms, it is a dehumidifier serving the whole house. It is a ducted dehumidifier. Hence, we can connect in different configurations to serve a purpose. In the long term, the whole home dehumidifier is cheaper than a portable.

For detecting the moisture level of air, every unit has a wall or duct mount sensor. The Duct mount sensor is a probe type and connected to the controller. The sensor keeps checking the level of room air. With the help of a wall mount controller, the user can set the desired level. And when room air humidity reaches to place value, the unit will turn off. The whole house dehumidifier is cheaper when the issue is in the entire house.

How to connect a whole home dehumidifier?

SPD-136L inline duct dehumidifier.

In the previous example, the client was not facing wetness in a particular room but the entire villa. So, we have two options two solve this issue. First, install a portable dehumidifier in each room. Or to connect the central dehumidifier to the air conditioning system. When we go into detail, always the whole house dehumidifier is a better option.

A whole-home dehumidifier can connect in the following configurations:

  • In the parallel type connection, the system needs to connect parallel to the main supply or return duct. In plain English, the system will take air from a duct and release dry air in the same duct. 
  • As an alternate method, the system can fix in cross-connection. Which means it will take air from one duct and release dry air to another duct.
  • A dehumidifier also uses to dry fresh air intake. In this configuration, fresh air passed through the system, and dry air defuses to the duct.

Whole house dehumidifier advantages.

Investing in a whole-home dehumidifier is a costly affair. Hence, one should be aware of its advantages to defend the spending. There are several pros to these systems. Let’s go through it one by one.

Air quality improvement.

If the moisture level is high inside the home, then it feels stuffy and heavy air. Thus, it becomes an uncomfortable place for us. Besides, if your house is near to the sea, then the situation can be worst. In most buildings, fresh air taken is not treated.

It means outside air feed to your AC without any cooling or dehumidifying. Hence, it brings humidity inside your living room and makes you uncomfortable. With the whole house dehumidifier, water contains from the air removed. So, the air becomes light, and it improves air quality.

Improves health.

As we all are aware, moist places are a paradise for mold and fungus. Mites flourishes in a humid climate. But, these spores of fungus and mildew can cause allergies. For example, damp air causes running nose, burning of eyes, and sneezing. In short, high moisture is a source of allergies.

In many buildings, we observe a strong odor. Moisture get tra[pped in clothes and carpets. Thus, it creates a bad smell. An efficient whole-house dehumidifier reduces this smell by removing humidity.

What is whole home dehumidifier

The whole house dehumidifier protects property.

Humidity leaves its stamp everywhere. Hence, the wall, ceiling, wooden furniture, and electronics are easy to pray. High moisture can cause malfunctioning of appliances. It can cause pilling of wall paints. Furthermore, it can cause seepage also. If wetness from the air is not removed, then you might observe water drops on the ceiling. A whole-home dehumidifier is an integral part of a museum to protect paintings.

Wood absorbs water available in the air. Hence, it gets swell and damage. In the same vein, humidity is bad for paper and paints. Therefore, the whole house dehumidifier always installs in document record centers and libraries.

Low cost.

Over an extended period, the whole home dehumidifiers are cheaper than a portable unit. Even though it consumes more power, but it runs for a short time. Hence, it saves lots of cost as compared to mobile units. Often, the prices of several portable systems are equal to the value of the one whole-house dehumidifier.

Nowadays, central dehumidifiers available with a single-phase power supply. So as so that many units can run with regular 13A home sockets. Thus, its installation is a no more difficult task. In a nutshell, the duct dehumidifier’s initial cost might high, but it is cheaper in the long run.

Difference between portable and central dehumidifier.

A portable dehumidifier is suitable when a part of the house has a high humidity problem. In contrast, the whole house dehumidifier system ideal when high humidity is everywhere.

Using many portable dehumidifiers is more costly than using a single central unit. The mobile system uses inbuilt tanks. We need to empty the water container whenever it full. The central system uses a hose connection for drainage. Thus, it is not is a hassle-free solution.

The life of portable units is significantly less as compared to the whole-house dehumidifier. The whole house unit dehumidifies air and filters the air before entering the house. It is common practice in Europe to use the whole home dehumidifier for basements. The entire house dryer is a more cheap, precise, and practical solution.

Dehumidifier FAQ.

What is a whole-house dehumidifier?

It is a central unit that removes humidity from the entire house. Thus, it replaces the need for using many small dehumidifiers.

Do I need a whole-home dehumidifier?

If you are facing high moisture in the whole house, then you need this kind of system. For big residential property, it not practical to use many mobile dehumidifiers. Hence, it is wise to use a single central unit.

How long do the whole house dehumidifiers last?

These units have a robust design. On top of it, regular servicing can increase its durability. The average lifespan is between 3 to 5 years.

How much the whole house dehumidifier cost?

These systems cost anywhere between AED 8000 to 14000.