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Duct mounted dehumidifier.

It is nothing but a ducted dehumidifier. But, duct mount dehumidifier installs in series with the AC duct. On the other hand, a regular duct unit has the option to fix independent also. These types of machines use to process fresh air. Hence, it is also known as an inline duct dehumidifier. 

As we are aware, many applications need a low humidity climate. For example, a pharmaceutical warehouse needs low moisture. Wetness in the air can spoil the drug. In the same vein, food storage also needs less humidity. Hence, installing a dehumidifier for such commercial uses is standard practice now.

Types of duct mounted dehumidifier.

There are two types of units. First, a desiccant type of system is to dry freezing air. And another is a compressor-based system to dry place with normal heat. Considering the cost, it is not a good choice to fix the desiccant system for noncold areas. 

A refrigerant duct mount dehumidifier consists of a compressor and coils. Thus, it is cheaper. In contrast, a desiccant system consists of a silicone gel wheel. Also, these units need a heater to dry the silica gel wheel. Hence, the operation cost is too high.

For a large swimming pool or warehouse, a ceiling mount duct system is an efficient choice. In short, for chilling spaces use absorption-type units. Otherwise, use typical condensation type machines.

Uses of duct mounted dehumidifier.

The most common use is for the indoor swimming pool. An indoor pool room is the worst kind of load by any dehumidifier. A duct type system can design to process massive airflow. Thus, it can dehumidify indoor pool and warehouses. In particular, for cold rooms, there is no space to place a portable unit. Hence, desiccant duct units are best suited. 

In museums, every corner of it needs to keep at low moisture. Any increase in humidity can damage artifacts. So, a duct mounted dehumidifier need to connect with central AC. 

Swimming pool dehumidifier buying guide.

Dehumidifier buying guide in Dubai UAE.

The indoor pool is an excellent facility for comfort. And everyone likes to have in their homes. But, to buy a dehumidifier, one needs to go through a long and tedious process. Swimming pool dehumidifier buying involves lots of initial and running costs. Hence, one needs to make due intelligence during the selection pool dehumidification […]

Inline ducted dehumidifier for pools.

Inline ducted dehumidifier for indoor swimming pools.

A ducted dehumidifier can often found at pool rooms and basement. Compared to the portable unit, a duct mounted dehumidifier is superior. Large spaces need high capacity units like an inline dehumidifier. In some instances, it also called a whole-house dehumidifier. In this article, we will discuss duct type dehumidifiers in detail.  Duct units are […]

SPA dehumidifier for humidity control.

Spa dehumidifier to reduce humidity.

A spa and swimming pools are a wellness center. People visit it to have a good time and relax. But, imagine that these places have a damp climate with a damp smell. It will affect business for sure. Thus, a good swimming pool and spa dehumidifier are a must. It helps to reduce humidity in […]

Whole house dehumidifier for the home.

Whole house dehumidifier for home.

A whole-house dehumidifier is a central unit that controls moisture in the entire home. It is a central duct mount dehumidification system.

The best dehumidifier types.

The best dehumidifier types for all applications.

There are two dehumidifier types based on principle. The best type of dehumidifier concerning price & efficiency is the condensation dryer.