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Indoor pool dehumidifier.

An indoor pool dehumidifier is part of every pool room. As we all aware, water gets evaporates. Hence, it generated moisture and increased humidity. And, if this wetness is persistent in the air, then it damages property. Besides, it can cause ill effects on our health. Thus, a good quality swimming pool dehumidifier is a must. This category will let you know more about it.

There are different types of dehumidifiers for swimming pools. For example, based on the working principle, it is a desiccant and refrigerant type. In the same vein, based on mounting, it is portable or wall mount. We will discuss all these models in detail in our blogs.

Types of indoor pool dehumidifier.

Based on technology, there are two types of units. The first is a desiccant type, and the other is the compressor type. But, for a pool, the compressor-based unit is always preferred. It has a low initial and operating cost. Hence, it is generally installed for all kinds of pools. However, for cold climate countries, a desiccant unit is the right choice.

Based on mounting, these machines are of the following types.

  • Wall mount dehumidifier available in small capacities. Hence, a small residential pool uses these kinds o units. The advantage of wall-mounted units is that it saves space. Also, it looks exquisite.
  • A ducted indoor pool dehumidifier can process large air at one time. Thus, it is perfect for large swimming pools. 
  • Floor mount units are best if there is enough space available in the pool room. It is effortless to install and maintain. But, it occupies floor space and looks inelegant. 
  • A portable type unit is a temporary arrangement for dehumidification. These are plug and play devices. In short, it can not use as a permanent solution.

Indoor pool dehumidifier sizing.

The swimming pool dehumidifier calculation is complex and challenging. The designer needs to take several factors into account. For instance, besides the pool and room area, there is a need to see if there is a fresh air source. Hot water generates moisture. Thus, pool water temperature decides humidity generation. As a consequence, it determines dehumidifier capacity also.

Dehumidifier dealers offer you detailed calculations. Alternatively, you can go to the CtrlTech website for an online dehumidifier calculator. CtrlTech offers indoor pool dehumidifiers in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar.


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