German dehumidifier by Aerial in UAE.

Industrial German dehumidifier by Aerial now in UAE.

As you all are aware, CtrlTech is representing Aerial German dehumidifier. We are an exclusive distributor for Aerial dehumidifier made in Germany For the UAE. Worth mentioning here that this association is more than a decade old. It is a great honor for us to be a partner with such a reputed brand. Thus, today we are happy to declare the launch of a dedicated website for Aerial products.

The website address is No need to mention that all Aerial products listed on this site. For ease of understanding, the menu is as per the area of use. In other words, a separate menu for industrial, portable, and pool dehumidifiers. Hence, it will help the user to choose the right product in a short time.

Aerial German dehumidifier.

This website gives detail information about each model. Besides, it provides detailed specifications and USPs for each model. Aerial is one of the most prominent dehumidifier manufacturers in Europe. All parts of the product entirely made in Europe. So, it is a German dehumidifier in the real sense.

Aerial headquarter in Norderstedt, Germany. Also, they have a production plant in the same place. Their products are a symbol of high quality & reliability. Aerial is a company that does not believe in cheap mass production but quality. In conclusion, Aerial is one of the trusted brands in the world.

German dehumidifier models.

Aerial is best at the industrial dehumidification system. Aerial has a fleet of industrial portable dehumidifiers. Thus, you can set it is a one-stop-shop. Some of the models are as follow.

AD 5 series of German dehumidifier.

This dehumidification model floor mounted. Also, it can be a wall mount with wall mount brackets. AD 5 dehumidifier made in Germany is available in two capacities. The smallest unit has 20 liters per day capacity. However, for higher power, we need to choose other models.

A strong steel body makes it strong. Thus, it is a robust system to use at commercial sites. Besides, this machine has a built-in condensate tank of 7 liters. Hence, it can use at any place temporarily. The best part is it is stackable.

For cleaning the air, this German dehumidifier has a filter. Intake of the air is at the front and the outlet at the back. The unit has an automatic defrosting system. An LCD control panel makes it user friendly.

AD 6 series dehumidifier made in Germany.

AD6 is a portable industrial dehumidifier. With strong wheels and a push handle, it is easy to transport. Unit available in capacities of 54 and 78 liters per day. Users can choose to have an optional condensate pump. Also, it has a condensate tank of 14 liters.

For continuous drainage, it has a facility to connect the hose. Hence, we can use it at remote sites also. This German dehumidifier is energy efficient with an automatic defrost and axial fan. Likewise, it has an efficient condensation circuit.

The unit has an LCD control panel with hygrostat to set the required humidity level. From the control panel, users can adjust the fan speed. Furthermore, users can see current and set humidity and working hours.

Industrial dehumidifier made in Germany

AD7 dehumidifier.

AD7 is also a portable German dehumidifier. Available in capacities of 55 and 78 liters per day. The USP of this unit is its beautiful casing. Above all, it is of impact-proof synthetic material. Further, it has strong wheels and a push handle. Nonetheless, the unit is stackable and fitted with an axial fan. The control panel has the facility to set the required humidity.

The unit with 54 liters capacity (AD750) has a built-in condensate tank of 12 liters. Also, it has the option of a built-in pump. But, the unit with 78 liters capacity (AD 780) has a facility for hose connection only. In short, it is one of the best industrial dehumidifiers available in the market.

AD8 large capacity dehumidifier.

AD8 is a floor mount type large dehumidifiers with a capacity of 105 liters per day. Thus, it often uses for flood drying. AD8 system fitted with an eDRY control panel with an LCD. The LCD shows current and set humidity. To sum up, it is a heavy-duty unit.

Swimming pool German dehumidifier.

High humidity in indoor swimming pool rooms is always a big problem. In particular, for small pools in a private house which has a small pool room. As a result, they always short of space to install a floor mount dehumidification unit. In such a situation, we need to use a small machine. At the same time, it should suit the aesthetics of the indoor pool room.

Aerial has an ‘AP’ series wall mount dehumidifier for the swimming pool. That is to say, and it also can be a floor mount. The AP German dehumidifier is available in two capacities. The unique feature of this model is its high capacity with the smallest footprint. AP series pool dehumidifier has a slick design with a thickness of only 26 cm.

It looks charming and elegant. The unit installs with wall mount brackets. Most importantly, the system has the option of taking fresh air, if requires. The Control panel has hygrostat to set the required humidity. There is an automatic cut off when set humidity reaches. If the system is in defrost mode, then the neon lamp will glow. There are signs for high temperature cut off, humidity ok, and power supply. To sum up, the AP series is the best choice for small residential pools.

Wall Mounted Dehumidifier by Aerial.

AD110 wall mounted dehumidifier by Aerial Germany.

AD 110 is the wall-mounted dehumidifier made in Germany. This unit has a compact size with a capacity of 12 liters per day. Thus, AD 110 often use for the living area, offices, yacht & Ships. This German dehumidifier has a stylish brush steel finish body. It can mount on the wall with ease, and it needs a drainage point.

AD 110 system has the following features.

  • This German dehumidifier can deliver high airflow with a built-in axial fan with high airflow. Thus, it saves energy.
  • It has low noise. In a more precise term, it has a quiet operation.
  • This dehumidifier has responsive hot gas defrost. Hence, we can use it in cold places.
  • It cleans air during its pass-through built-in air filter. Therefore, it is suitable for laboratories.

Laundry Dryer Dehumidifier.

Aerial offers a unique indoor air-laundry dryer. Thus, you can now dry your laundry inside your home. In today’s world, living spaces are shrinking. Also, most people live in apartments than in an independent house or villa. In the apartment, we need to dry laundry inside our home. Hence, Aerial has come up with a particular system.

Indoor Air laundry dryer German dehumidifier in UAE.

WT series dry are wall mount German dehumidifier unit with high airflow. These units are available in four capacities. It is suitable to dry laundry of 7.5, 10,15 & 20 kgs. These dryers are quiet in operation. With the help of a mode selection switch, the unit can use as a dryer or as dehumidification mode. The design of the machine is very slick. On top of it, it consumes low electricity.

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