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In the simple term, dehumidifiers are the machine that can remove water from the air. In other words, it reduces humidity. It is also called the dehumidification system. In today’s world, it is essential equipment for every home. Also, when it comes to the indoor pool room, then it is vital. These units are available in various forms. The portable is the cheapest and preferred one. But, in areas like the swimming pool, we need to install either wall mount or ducted type system.

In the same vein, many industrial and commercial processes need dry conditions. Considering the capacity required, we need to select types of the unit. Industrial units are generally heavy-duty unit with high drying and airflow capacity.

 Central and whole-house unit is the most recent concept for homes. It is a duct type dehumidification system that connected to the air conditioner. 

Dehumidifiers applications.

We need to keep humidity low not only at houses but also at commercial places. Some of the applications of the dryer are as follows.

· It is used to reduce moisture inside the home. Because wet air can damage our property, and it can cause various allergies. Due to humid air, mold and fungus can develop. And it can cause bad smell and compromise hygiene. Thus, a machine should install at home to reduce humidity.

· Indoor swimming pool rooms are often very humid. It is because of the open water surface. If we do not remove this wetness, then it can cause the pilling of paints. Also, it is the main reason behind the swelling of the woods.

· Many commercial applications need industrial dehumidifiers. For example, during the production of a shaving blade, high moisture can rust the blade. In the same way, we can not store the shaving blade in a high humidity store. Hence, we need a system for the warehouse also.

 Dehumidifiers types.

Based on applications, it classified as home, industrial, and swimming pool units. Also, based on mounting, it is a portable, floor mount, and ducted unit. According to the working principle, there are two types of systems. The first one is a desiccant unit that uses the absorption method. Second, a refrigerant machine that uses the condensation principle.

The desiccant dehumidifiers used to dehumidify cold places. Thus, it often uses inside cold room storage. But, the refrigerant system used for home temperature applications.

How to do dehumidifier machine maintenance service?

How to do dehumidifier machine maintenance service?

Conclusion on dehumidifier machine maintenance. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your dehumidifier runs efficiently and effectively. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong your dehumidifier’s life and improve your home’s air quality. Remember to check the power supply, humidistat, and drainage system, and contact a repair technician if you find any issues. […]

The Ultimate Cold Room Dehumidifier Guide.

Ultimate cold room dehumidifier guide.

Cold room dehumidifiers are vital equipment for any cold storage facility. They prevent losses and increase productivity. Desiccant dehumidification systems are the most effective for cold rooms. It is crucial to select the correct capacity cold storage dehumidifier to remove humidity in cold rooms. When choosing a unit, it is advisable to choose a reputable brand.

Best Greenhouse dehumidifier review.

Greenhouse dehumidifier.

Greenhouses are unique structures that have controlled climatic conditions for growing plants. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a greenhouse dehumidifier. The main objective of a greenhouse is to provide an ideal environment for the growth of plants. In other words, they keep plants away from being affected by extreme external elements. […]

German dehumidifier by Aerial in UAE.

Industrial German dehumidifier by Aerial now in UAE.

As you all are aware, CtrlTech is representing Aerial German dehumidifier. We are an exclusive distributor for Aerial dehumidifier made in Germany For the UAE. Worth mentioning here that this association is more than a decade old. It is a great honor for us to be a partner with such a reputed brand. Thus, today […]

Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration & Drying.

Dryer, dehumidifier and air movers for damage restoration.

Every year across the country, we loss millions of dollars due to water damage incidences in which dehumidifier help for restoration and drying. Water damage to your home or offices can be happen due to natural calamities like floods, tsunami or hurricane or it might happen due to man made mistakes like leakage in fire […]

Dehumidifier calculation for the indoor swimming pool.

Dehumidifier calculation for the indoor swimming pool.

Further to the last article, we will now understand the dehumidifier calculation. This chapter is about indoor pool dehumidification calculation. Hence, all specifics mentioned here about swimming pools only. As we all know, every pool needs an efficient drying system. Thus, the right capacity sizing is essential. To make things simple, you can use a […]

Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

In this article we will explore on five important features that dehumidifiers should have. Whenever you go for dehumidifier shopping then you need to make sure that these five features should be incorporated in your dehumidifier. We will separately explore these five features in Home dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifier and Swimming pool dehumidifier. Five Features that Home […]