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Dehumidifier calculation.

The right dehumidifier calculation is vital for performance and cost. Please note, higher dehumidifier sizing will land up you in paying the high price. In contrast, under capacity will not give you a result. Hence, it is very crucial to calculate the right capacity. When it comes to the swimming pool, we need to design units with extra care. Thus, we recommend the perfect method for indoor pool dehumidifier sizing.

Not only for pools, but we also need to follow prescribed steps to calculate home machines. In the same vein, for the industrial system even. In short, the dehumidifier sizing is a crucial step. As a seller, we recommend taking the help of experts.

Industrial dehumidifier calculation.

For industrial dehumidifier sizing, we need the following information. 

  • First and foremost, the volume of the space. If space is vast, then it needs a higher capacity system. Besides, the unit should have a high airflow.
  • The dehumidifying capacity of the unit gets reduce in a cold climate. Hence, we need to consider room temperature too. Besides, if a dehumidifier is used in very cold places, it should have a defrost system.
  • The current humidity level also plays an important role. If the current moisture level is high, then the dehumidifier calculation will help bee high. 
  • Also, the required humidity level decides capacity. To make the room very dry, indeed, we need a powerful unit.

In addition to the above data, we need to consider other sources of wetness in the room. 

Indoor pool dehumidifier calculation.

Four factors decide the capacity of a pool dehumidifier. If the size of the pool is large, then there are more chances of evaporation. Thus, the area of the swimming pool needs to consider. At the same time, the temperature of the water is crucial. Hot water generates more moisture. Hence, water temperature is an essential factor. 

The climate condition of the room affects wetness generation and dehumidifier calculation. For example, a cold room with hot water will have more humidity inside the room. The type of swimming pool also plays an equal role. A residential swimming pool gets less use than a one inside a hotel.

Home dehumidifier calculation.

Humans need the right humidity level. The higher condition will create allergies, and lower will make them feel dry. Thus, the right size dehumidifier is a prime need of every house. 

Home dehumidifier calculation is done based on the AHAM method. This method considers floor area and current moisture level only. Hence, it is not a perfect method. However, it is good enough to get good performance. CtrlTech offers dehumidifiers in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait. 


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