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A portable dehumidifier can solve the problem of health due to excessive humidity. For example, at home, restaurants, Gym, hotel high moisture create sanitization issues. It can lead to the formation of mold, bad odor, and dampness. A dehumidifier is a device that reduces humidity and makes spaces liveable for us. 
Humidity nothing but moisture contained in the air in the form of “water vapor.” But, even if humidity high or low, we can not see it. When humidity is high, then we fill sticky, damped, and cold. A home dehumidifier can be a solution to counter all these issues. Other than health, it damages property too. For instance, high moisture damages wall, ceiling, electronics, and wooden furniture

Portable Dehumidifier Features.

CtrlTech Portable dehumidifier in Dubai offers the best quality products. In other words, they ensure reliable products at a cheap cost.

Advantages of a portable dehumidifier.

There are many advantages to using a portable device. Other than low cost, it is cheaper to maintain. In short, if you like to reduce moisture in a single room, then go for a portable dehumidifier. You need a ducted dehumidifier to reduce moisture in the entire house in one go. Worth mentioning that mobile units also used for industrial and indoor pool rooms. Capacities of these units are available up to 150 liters per day.
Ctrltech portable dehumidifier Dubai offers drying solutions for home, industrial, and swimming pool. They ship their products to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaima. Their export market includes Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait. 
Dehumidifier in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, & Kuwait.

Portable Dehumidifier FAQs

What is a portable dehumidifier?

It is the same as that of any other dehumidifier with ease of movement. It is fitted with wheels and push handle. Hence, it also called mobile dehumidifier.

How do we know that we need a dehumidifier?

Humidity inside our homes should be between 35 to 55 %RH. If it is more than this level, then you will start noticing mold, fungus, and dampness. In humid homes, the occupant suffers from allergies. It is time to buy a good dehumidifier.

What is a recommended dehumidifier setting?

A portable dehumidifier should set at 30 to 50% RH in warm countries like UAE. For cold places, it can at 30% to 40% Rh.

How should I select the capacity of the dehumidifier for my home?

For homes, dehumidifier size selected based on area and current humidity level. Dehumidifier capacity is measured in liters per day. Follow the AHAM capacity selection sheet, which available online.

Where can I buy a portable dehumidifier in Dubai?

Contact the CtrlTech portable dehumidifier Dubai at +971 50 1537113 to buy your unit.

How to install dehumidifiers?

A portable unit is generally a plug and play device. Hence, switch on the machine and adjust the required humidity. Follow the safety instruction mentioned in the manual.

Do I need a drainage pipe?

Most of the unit comes with both an internal tank and a hose pipe connection. Thus, you can use a unit without a drainage pipe also.

Where to place a portable dehumidifier?

Position the machine such that there is no obstruction to inlet and outlet air.

How to do dehumidifier maintenance?

For long life and performance, service your unit regularly. A dirty filter can stop airflow. Thus, clean the filter every two weeks. Check the power cord and clean internal coils with a vacuum cleaner. If you are using a hosepipe, then check crimps, if any.

Benefits of a portable dehumidifier.


It removes mold and fungus. As a result, it protects health.


Dry air kills dust mites. Hence, it improves indoor air quality.


A portable dehumidifier helps to remove bad odor.


It protects your personnel belonging from high humidity.


A dehumidifier helps to reduce electricity bills.

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