Swimming pool dehumidifier buying guide.

Dehumidifier buying guide in Dubai UAE.

The indoor pool is an excellent facility for comfort. And everyone likes to have in their homes. But, to buy a dehumidifier, one needs to go through a long and tedious process. Swimming pool dehumidifier buying involves lots of initial and running costs. Hence, one needs to make due intelligence during the selection pool dehumidification system.

In this article, we will guide you to select the right indoor pool dehumidifier. Not only that, we will explain at which stage you should get one.

When to buy a dehumidifier for the swimming pool?

Most indoor pool room owners do not consider dehumidifiers at the construction stage. They feel the pool room dehumidification system is optional. But it is not valid. For an indoor swimming pool, a dehumidifier is more critical than an air conditioner. Not fixing the unit at the construction stage will end up paying high costs and time. Point to note that inside the indoor pool, the two-third area is occupied by water. Thus, we can not avoid a dehumidifier buying that reduces humidity.

There are more reasons to buy a dehumidifier for your pool. It is a natural tendency for water to evaporate. Thus, it increases moisture with no time. As a result, occupants feel uncomfortable and might face health issues. You start observing the wet floor, condensation on the ceiling and walls, and bad smell. Besides, high humidity develops mold and fungus. So. it is always a wise decision to invest in a swimming pool dehumidifier.

Buying a dehumidifier? consider these points……

While deciding on a unit, we need to pay attention to a few things. In turn, we can save money and time. So, saying that we insist to not compromise on these factors. Thus, it would be best if you consider the following points while selecting your dehumidification unit.

Consider buying a dehumidifier at the pool design stage.

We always recommend planning dehumidifier buying for your indoor pool at the design stage. Installing the unit after the damage done by humidity will not help you much. If you plan dehumidifier at the design level, then you can select the right size and type. Above all, we can arrange the right place to install the dehumidifier. It is much easy to fix the system during the construction of the pool.

If you plan for a ducted dehumidifier, you must consider it at the initial stage. Things will become very complicated if you like to fix a duct unit in the pool area in use. Thus, it is wise to buy a dehumidifier during the civil work of the pool. Another advantage of it is that you can plan the unit placement and controller location. Above all else, you can plan the drainage point and electrical supply. Drainage and power connection might otherwise take many civil changes.

Swimming Pool dehumidifier buying guide.

Select the right type of indoor pool dehumidifier.

Always buy a dehumidifier with the right working principle and mounting. It not only saves initial costs but also operating costs.
Thus, it is vital to select the unit with a suitable type and mounting. Based on the working principle, there are two types of systems. These are adsorption and mechanical type system. We always recommend mechanical or condensation dehumidifier buying for the indoor swimming pool.

Many companies might ask you desiccant dehumidifier buying. However, it is not the right solution. For dehumidifying cold places, the absorption unit is ideal. For example, it is suitable a cold room. Mechanical units have less initial and running costs. And it can run at pool room climate. Hence, for swimming pools, condensation machines are the right solution.

Buy a dehumidifier with the right mounting.

One of the most critical aspects is to buy a dehumidifier with the right mounting. There are generally three types of units available based on mounting. These are floor-mounted, wall-mounted, and ceiling suspended type. If the pool is at the construction stage, then we recommend a ceiling dehumidifier. Thus, CtrlTech offers our SPD series duct dehumidifier for the best performance.

There are many advantages of ceiling mount ducted dehumidifier. For instance, it is easy to install during construction. Also, since it is above the false ceiling, it will save the floor area and working sound even less. So, buying a dehumidifier at the initial stage is a wise decision. In the same vein, for a small pool, you can opt for a wall mount dehumidifier. The wall-mounted system is suitable for pools of surface area up to 50 square meters.

For large commercial pools, either ceiling or floor mount machines are suitable. Hence, we offer our FSD series floor mount dehumidifier. It is a special-purpose unit for a large indoor pool area.

Specifications for pool dehumidification unit.

First and foremost, it important to calculate the right dehumidifier capacity. But, at the same time, the unit should comply with some of the vital specifications. Thus, one should not compromise on this must-have specifications. During dehumidifier buying, go through the brand of each component. It will determine the reliability of the whole system. As an example, the compressor should be from a reputed brand like Panasonic or Daikin.

Please note that the humidity level in the indoor pool area is always high. Hence, the dehumidifier will use non-stop to reduce moisture. So, when humid air enters the system, it might cause corrosion to the body and coils. Therefore, buy a dehumidifier with powder coated hot-dip galvanized steel casing. Ordinary steel might rust over some time. Also, the unit should protect the coils from corrosion. For this reason, a machine should have epoxy coating its coils.

Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation.

Indoor pool dehumidifier sizing depends on various factors. It is the first and crucial step during dehumidifier buying. In short, capacity depends on the pool area, water and room hotness, and type of use. Hence, the ideal swimming pool dehumidifier calculation should include all these four factors. Every swimming pool is different and needs its sizing. Thus, an online pool dehumidification calculator might not suitable in your case.

Dehumidifier sizing factors.

Let us understand what influences dehumidifier capacity.

  • The moisture rate is directly related to the pool surface area. Thus, a large pool needs a high capacity dehumidifier for indoor pool humidity control.
  • Likewise, the high difference between pool and water will speedup the humidity generation. Hence, it generates more moisture. As a consequence, we need high capacity dehumidifier buying. The pool water temperature should be two degrees less than room hotness. As a consequence, it will reduce your indoor pool dehumidifier price. Swimming pool dehumidifier sizing also depends on the type of use. 
  • If it is a residential dehumidifier, then it is used for a few hours. And hence low capacity unit needed. In contrast, a hotel or sports complex pool needs to buy a dehumidifier of a larger size.

One should consider all the above factors while selecting the unit. For more information and indoor pool dehumidifier sizing or price, please contact us.

SPD swimming pool dehumidifier buying.

SPD series Swimming pool Dehumidifier.

SPD series swimming pool dehumidifier is a ducted type machine. Thus, users can fix it above the false ceiling, or it can be a wall mount. It has a dehumidifying capacity of 136 liters per day, with an airflow of 1300 CMH. SPD commercial indoor pool dehumidifier provided with a wall mount LCD controller.

The controller helps users to set the required humidity and switch on or off the unit. The operation of this unit is fully automatic. Most of all, fixing is straightforward with three steps. Connect single-phase power, drain, and controller. After that, the machine is ready to use. To buy a dehumidifier for the swimming pool, please contact us.

Dehumidifier FAQ

How to buy a dehumidifier for the swimming pool?

The first step is to do the correct dehumidifier calculation. After that, based on your site, select the type of units you need. For example, for a small residential pool, you can have a wall mount dehumidifier. Also, make sure that the unit has high-quality components. And always buy a system from an authorized dehumidifier supplier.

Why you need swimming pool dehumidifier?

An indoor pool room always has high humidity due to evaporation. Hence, moist air in the room can damage property and compromise the health of the occupant. A dehumidifier helps to reduce the wetness of the air.

Where I can buy a indoor pool dehumidifier in Dubai?

CtrlTech offers all kinds of dehumidifiers in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Please contact them at +971 50 1537113

How much does a pool dehumidification system cost?

The cost of a swimming pool dehumidifier depends on the size of the pool. Large size pools need high capacity dehumidifiers, and hence cost will be increased. For a small residential pool of 50 square meters size, a dehumidifier will cost around AED 12000 to 15000.

Which is the right type of swimming pool dehumidifier?

It depends on the type of swimming pool. For the small residential pools, a wall-mounted system is ideal. But, for large commercial pools, it is recommended to use a floor mount or ducted dehumidifier. Also, the indoor pool room has a temperature in the rage of 20 to 24 degrees Celcius. Thus, a condensation based system always an excellent economical option.

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