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Ducted dehumidifier.

For drying huge humidity load, a ducted dehumidifier is always the right choice. Hence, most of the indoor swimming pools use these type of units. As compared to a portable system, a duct mount machine has several advantages. But, ducted type drying systems are costly and need many civil changes. Thus, they generally consider if the indoor pool room is under construction. It is challenging to install in a furnished pool. Other than a pool, it also uses to dehumidify large warehouses and halls.

When it comes to performance, an inline duct dehumidifier always is better. Moreover, for indoor pool rooms, it is the perfect type. Also, these models can design with high airflow to meet demand. CtrlTech offers SPD-136L model. 

As compared to wall mount dehumidifiers, it is difficult to install and maintain. But, it can fit above the false ceiling. As a result, it is invisible, silent, and does not occupy space in the pool area.

Why ducted dehumidifier?

For dehumidification of vast spaces of pools, need a system that can process large air in one go. The duct type model can manufacture with higher capacity compressor and coils. Thus, it can dehumidify a large quantity of air at one time. It helps to counter high humidity in a short time. Also, these models can connect with the HVAC duct system. In consequence, uniform dehumidification can achieve across space.

Another advantage of a ducted dehumidifier is that it saves space. As mentioned before, it often fixed above the false ceiling. Hence, it is always invisible and does not occupy floor space. Due to such type of installation, the unit works silently. The ducted model fits excellent for aesthetics since it is not mounted in the room or on the wall. A wall-mount controller is supplied with each unit. These units can fix inline or in parallel with the supply or return air duct of an AC. 

SPD ducted dehumidifier.

SPD model is a duct type system designed for pools and warehouses. It has an extraction capacity of 136 liters per day. Besides, it can mount above the false ceiling or on the wall. To filter air, the G4 filter available at the air inlet. 

Each SPD unit has an LCD controller. Hence, the user can set the required humidity from this panel. To know more about the ducted dehumidifier, please contact CtrlTech.

Swimming pool dehumidifier buying guide.

Dehumidifier buying guide in Dubai UAE.

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Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

Five Features that Dehumidifiers Should Have.

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Wall mount Dehumidifiers for Swimming pools.

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Inline ducted dehumidifier for pools.

Inline ducted dehumidifier for indoor swimming pools.

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SPA dehumidifier for humidity control.

Spa dehumidifier to reduce humidity.

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Whole house dehumidifier for the home.

Whole house dehumidifier for home.

A whole-house dehumidifier is a central unit that controls moisture in the entire home. It is a central duct mount dehumidification system.

The best dehumidifier types.

The best dehumidifier types for all applications.

There are two dehumidifier types based on principle. The best type of dehumidifier concerning price & efficiency is the condensation dryer.