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Inline duct dehumidifier.

Often, an inline duct dehumidifier uses in series with an AC duct. In other words, the air gets dehumidified before it delivers to space. For example, to dry fresh air, a ducted dehumidifier is often connected in series. Thus, fresh air gets dry before it mixes with AC air. By doing this, it will restrict the entry of outside humidity inside the space. For large swimming pools, full or part of return air passes through the inline units.

Inline duct dehumidifier installation.

There are different ways of fixing these units. As per the applications, we need to decide on the same. Besides, site condition also plays an important role. 

  • The return air or part of the return air passed through the machine. It means the unit is connected inline with the return duct.
  • In the same vein, a ducted dehumidifier can connect in parallel with the supply duct. 
  • The unit can also extract air from the return duct, dry it, and release it to conditioning space.
  • Likewise, the supply air can process and deliver to space. This type of connection is used when we reduce humidity in a particular room and AC serving more than one place. 
  • Inline duct dehumidifier also can take air from the supply and through dry to return duct. Thus, the unit connected in parallel to the Air conditioner.

Every method has its pros and cons. Hence, it depends on the site’s condition and uses.

Independent inline duct dehumidifier.

Instead of connecting the dehumidifier to the AC duct, it joined with its separate ducts. Thus, this system does not depend on airflow from air conditioning. It gets install with its supply and return duct. Which means it will take humid air from the room and deliver dry air into the room directly.

Another advantage of this connection is that it can work even if AC is off. On the other hand, other methods might face pressure issues if the AC is not working. 

Inline ducted dehumidifier for pools.

Inline ducted dehumidifier for indoor swimming pools.

A ducted dehumidifier can often found at pool rooms and basement. Compared to the portable unit, a duct mounted dehumidifier is superior. Large spaces need high capacity units like an inline dehumidifier. In some instances, it also called a whole-house dehumidifier. In this article, we will discuss duct type dehumidifiers in detail.  Duct units are […]