Why to buy commercial dehumidifiers?

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A commercial dehumidifier is the same as that of a regular consumer-grade unit. But, it has enhanced dehumidifying capacity. Not only that, but it is also way far superior in all respect. To buy commercial dehumidifiers, one should know the pros and cons of it. On the pricing part, it is more expensive than a home dehumidifier. Thus, we need to do enough research before spending money on it.  

Commercial dehumidification systems often needed for heavy-duty uses. For instance, a floor recovery job demands a unit with high extraction and airflow capacity. Also, it should have features like a built-in pump or tank or both. For such cases, buy a commercial dehumidifier. There are desiccant and compressor types of a commercial unit. Although, the latter one used mostly due to its lower price. Prior one used for cold rooms and other cold places.

Buy commercial dehumidifiers with Features.

Specific jobs demand a high dehumidifying capacity with robustness.
So, buy commercial dehumidifiers like CDM-138L.

How to buy commercial dehumidifiers?

Consider some points while selecting a commercial-grade dehumidifier. For example, Make sure that the unit has high airflow. As a result, the system will have a higher moisture removal rate. In the same vein, it should have a large water reservoir. Besides, it should have external drainage using gravity or pump. Most of the commercial size dehumidifier has a powerful pump with a small tank. 
Generally, a commercial unit has a high capacity than a typical home dehumidifier. But, you need to pay attention to portability also. More often, these commercial dehumidifiers used for rent. Or, it used for the restoration project. Hence, buy commercial dehumidifiers those are stackable. And, that has pneumatic wheels with push handle. The unit should have a long power cord to avoid the use of an extension. Also, it should able to work at a warm place with automatic defrost.
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Buy commercial dehumidifiers FAQs

In short, a home dehumidifier designed with low capacity. It has a capacity of up to 25 liters. But, commercial unit capacity starts from 50 liters per day.

Other than high capacity, the unit should be robust. Also, it should able to process large air at one time. Besides, it should have an internal tank with a hose connection. To use in cold places, it should have automatic defrost. If possible, it should have hot gas defrosting. For smooth movement, the system should be light, stackable with large wheels and handle. Consider these points while you buy commercial dehumidifies.

Based on the operating principle, it is a desiccant and condensation type. Condensation units are cheaper and used in hot places. In contrast, desiccant units are costly and use for cold areas.

Commercial dehumidifiers are durable and powerful. It can operate in both cold and warm places. Yet, it is expensive than the consumer dehumidifier unit.

Based on mounting, portable units are most preferred. Also, for pools, commercial wall mount dehumidifiers are used. A ducted commercial pool dehumidification system often used for large pools.

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Most of the commercial units are portable types. And, these units are plug and play devices. But, the wall mount and ducted unit need a trained staff to fix it. Please contact your dealer for the commissioning of the wall and duct units.

Based on the rating, you need a power supply and drainage point.

Once you buy a commercial dehumidifier, call the dealer for demo and startup.

Check filter, power cord, and gas pressure. Also, check if there is an error code on the panel. On the safer side, buy a commercial dehumidifier service plan from the dealer.

Buy commercial dehumidifiers and get benefited.


Commercial dehumidifiers are durable. Hence, it saves costs in the long term.


It has a robust design. Thus, it can use at any site with rough use.


Buy commercial dehumidifiers to dehumidify cold and warm places.


With high airflow and drying capacity, it can use for flood restoration and warehouses.


It has an auto defrost. As a result, it has more efficiency.

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