Swimming pool dehumidifier in UAE.

Swimming pool dehumidifier in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman

The swimming pool dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity in indoor pools. As we all know, high humidity in indoor swimming pools is a common problem. Due to evaporation from the pool water surface, indoor pool room moisture increases. Also, if the pool has heaters, then more moisture gets added in air. As a result, pool room humidity rises at a fast rate. 

High moisture creates health issues and damages the building structure. Hence, a dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms is unavoidable equipment. For the best performance, indoor pool dehumidifier calculation should be correct. Thus, the estimate should include water surface area and water temperature. Also, it should consider the effect of the pool type and room temperature. 

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Features.

CtrlTech swimming pool dehumidifier UAE offers duct type units. Also, for a small residential pool, their wall mounted dehumidifiers are quite popular.

Swimming pool dehumidifier types.

There are different types of indoor pool room dehumidifiers available in the market. Hence, a user often gets confused about choosing the right unit. For indoor pools, it is always smart to select a condensation unit than a desiccant type. It will save you a major cost. Point to note, the desiccant unit need only for drying icy places and not pools. Also, based on pool size, you can choose either duct or wall mount unit.
For residential pools, wall mount dehumidifier is most suitable. These units look great and easy to install. However, you might have to pay more. Ducted units are available in many capacities. Hence, it can use for any pool size. It can install above the false ceiling or outdoor. Thus, it saves space and easy to maintain. CtrlTech offers SPD series swimming pool dehumidifier in UAE.
Dehumidifier in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, & Kuwait.

Swimming pool dehumidifier FAQs

Humidity generated for pool water often damages the wall, ceiling, and painting. Also, it causes health allergies. Hence, a pool dehumidifier needed for indoor pool rooms.

To select capacity, we need to do the calculation. Generally, the supplier will provide you proper dehumidifier calculation. You need to check that supplier has considered the right parameters for the count. For example, check values of pool size, pool temperature, and room volume.

Indeed, no need to pay a high amount for the desiccant type system. On the other hand, choose a condensation based wall or duct mount unit.

It depends on the pool size and site condition. For large pools, we suggest a ducted unit. For small home pools, choose wall mount dehumidifier.

Besides the wall and duct mount, floor mount dehumidifier also can be used for pools. Also, the wall through units is famous nowadays.

To buy a swimming pool dehumidifier in UAE, call CtrlTech at +971 50 1537113.

Duct units generally fixed above false ceiling or outdoor. For indoor installation, make sure there is enough clearance from the ceiling. Also, better to install drip pan below units. Drain point and power supply needed.

Yes, users can install this unit themself. A wall bracket provided with each system. Besides, your need drain connection and power.

These swimming pool dehumidifiers are easy to install. In other words, it is a plug and play device. Connect power and drain point to start the unit.

For maintenance, we recommend you to contact the dealer. Users can clean filter. But, for system servicing, you need an expert. CtrlTech offers quarterly preventive maintenance.

The service center is at Sharjah. For repairs, please call at +971 6 5489626 to book an appointment.

Benefits of swimming pool dehumidifier.


A dehumidifier reduces humidity. Hence, it protects interior property.


It reduces fresh air intake in the pool room. Thus, it lowers the cooling cost.


The unit removes chlorine from pool room air during dehumidification. 


  1. It enhances the indoor climate. As a result, it protects from allergies.


It makes the pool room pleasant and comfortable.

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