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In simple terms, a dehumidifier is a machine which reduces moisture from the air. In other words, it removes wetness and makes the air dry. The obvious next question will be why we like to reduce humidity. In short, high water contains in the air harmful for health and property. We will discuss this part in detail in our next segment.

Why dehumidifier needed?

As mentioned before, there are two major disadvantages of high humidity. First is the effect on the health of the human. Therefore, most of the houses use a dehumidifier at home. We all know that mold and fungus flourish in the humid climate. Thus, it can develop in our home. Spores of fungus causes allergies. Besides, it enters into our respiratory organ via breathing. Hence, it might cause serious issues. Otherwise, also, high moisture causes sneezing, coughing, burning of eyes, headache, etc.

Not only it affects our health, but it can also damage our property. For example, you might have seen pilling wall paint in indoor pool rooms. Or, you have noticed condensation on window glass and AC grills. Not only that, but high humidity also causes swelling of wood and malfunctioning of electronics. In some instances, like Museums, high moisture can damage paintings. 

Dehumidifier types.

Based on the uses, it is classified as home, industrial, swimming pool, and warehouse types. Hence, let’s understand each type of system.

Industrial dehumidifier

As the name suggests, these types of units are for commercial use. Robustness and reliability are the key selling point of these systems. The commercial-grade system has a capacity between 50 to 1200 liters per day. Most of the units are without an internal tank. But, it has an inbuilt condensate pump. It can process a high capacity of air in every circulation.

An industrial dehumidifier is durable than a home unit. Portable models are available up to a capacity of 138 liters per day. Floor mount type units available up to 1200 liters per day.

Home system

A home unit is available up to a capacity of 35 liters per day. Thus, it works very quietly and looks elegant. Almost all system has inbuilt condensate tank. Along with drying, these units can purify the air. For ease of use, it has a control panel to set the desired humidity level.

The home dehumidifier works in automatic mode. The control panel has a small LCD. Hence, it can display the current room moisture level.

Swimming pool dryer.

At large, these are wall-mount or ducted type dehumidification system. An indoor pool system helps to remove moisture generated by pool water. In the pool is not covered, then humidity inside the room increased withing no time. And it can damage the ceiling, wall, and floor. 

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