Swimming pool dehumidification system.

SPD swimming pool dehumidification system.

It is crucial to consider swimming pool dehumidification at the design stage. CtrlTech offers SPD series indoor pool dehumidification system. In this article, we will review the SPD series commercial pool dehumidification system. We hope this article should act in a pool dehumidifier buying guide. 

CtrlTech offers pool dehumidification equipment in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait. The SPD series available ranging from 56 to 900 liters/day. Let’s discuss various features of the SPD series dehumidifier. 

Why swimming pool dehumidification needed?

The root of the problem is the evaporation of pool water. But, we can not stop the water vapor. And, it keeps adding moisture in the indoor pool room air. Thus, we need to set up a mechanism to reduce the effect of it. In other words, we need to install a swimming pool dehumidification system. It will help to remove humidity from the indoor swimming pool. 

SPD-136L indoor pool dehumidification system.

Now, what if we do not remove this moisture? The answer is straightforward, and you need to face issues due to high humidity. For example, they need to face problems like condensation, seepage, and allergies. In the indoor pool room, humid air gets trapped. Hence, we observe the severe side of high moisture. Thus, an efficient indoor pool dehumidification system is avoidable. 

SPD indoor pool dehumidification system.

SPD series is a commercial pool dehumidification system. This unit can mount on the wall or ceiling. Generally, it installs above the false ceiling of the indoor pool room. Besides, it is available in various capacities. The latest slim designed unit has launched. The height of this unit is only 35 cm. Thus, it can easily install above any false ceiling.

SPD swimming pool dehumidification installation. 

SPD indoor pool dehumidification system is easy to install. In short, we need to make only three connections. First, connect the power to the unit. Second, connect the drainage pipe to the system. Third and the last, make controller connection. Each SPD unit provided with an LCD controller. And, With the help of a special socket, it connected to the system. 

About fixing, it can connect to the air conditioner duct, or it can fix as an independent unit. We recommend the standalone mode of connection. When it connected to the duct, it might face an issue when the AC is off. This model is the best solution for the swimming pool dehumidification system. 

SPD indoor pool dehumidifier unit built.

Ducted dehumidifier for indoor pool room.

SPD commercial dehumidification system has a steel casing. Thus, it is very durable. On top of it, the body treated with anti-corrosion paint. Hence, this unit is suitable for very humid places also. From inside, anti-cold bridge devices installed. Hence, it prevents condensation inside the unit. 

With removable flush seamless access panels, it is very easy for maintenance. Water tray equipped ensures that all condensate water drain out, preventing water stagnation.

SPD swimming pool dehumidification features.

Based on airflow, inlet & outlet duct size changes for different capacities. The removable filter with 35% filtration efficiency provided at the inlet hole. Thus, it can do air filtration also. At the supply duct, a centrifugal fan with steel volute and blades provided. As a result, the unit has high performance and low noise.

Commercial pool dehumidification refrigeration system. 

SPD indoor pool dehumidification unit has an energy-saving heat exchanger. And it integrated using a liquid separator reservoir and heat exchangers. Therefore, it can regulate the fluid flow volume and maximizing freezing capacity. In consequence, it ensures the compressor operates well. 

Meanwhile, the dry filter introduced in this system. This filter helps to prevent clogging in the expansion valve or capillary. This swimming pool dehumidification unit has a defrosting structure. Thus, it brings a stable operation of the system. Further, efficiency increases by 15% with the use of sound insulation. Also, the hydrophilic membrane fin enhances heat transfer performance increases by 20%. 

Dehumidifier for swimming pool design.


The compressor is the core part of this dehumidifier. Thus, it has a direct impact on dehumidifier performance. It is the heart of this dehumidifier, provides powers for the whole system. SPD commercial pool dehumidification system uses the well-known brand compressors. 

Throttling device system.

The throttling device system is one of four crucial parts of systems. SPD swimming pool dehumidification system has one. It will reduce the liquid gas high pressure. And hence, it makes the gas absorb heat under low pressure during vaporization. 

Anyway, it is one vital component to ensure high pressure in the condenser. Also, it maintains low pressure in the evaporator. As a result of the direct expansion way, there is small cooling loss & high performance. In addition, it also prevents fluid striking and over-heating. In short, the TEV superheats stable means the system is stable.

Protection devices.

SPD indoor pool dehumidification system has the following protection devices.

  • The dehumidifier controller is robust with high operating performance. Motor overload and short circuit protection introduced too. To boot, motivation switches provided for overload and short circuit protection.
  • SPD swimming pool dehumidification unit has startup delay protection. Hence, the machine will take 3 minutes delay when to turn it on again.
  • In the same vein, it has shutdown delay protection. It means, after switch off, fans will keep running for 3 minutes. It helps to bring the unwanted heat out of the dehumidifier.
  • Users can select if the fan should stop or keep running once the set RH reached. 
  • The unit has high heat protection. That is to say, it prevents the compressor from running at high heat.
  • Similarly, low-pressure protection prevents the system from running without gas. It avoids compressor burned.

Commercial pool dehumidification system selection.

First of all, we need to select the right capacity of the dehumidifier for an indoor pool. After that, we need to choose the unit of correct mounting. The capacity of the pool dehumidifier depends on the area of the pool. Also, pool water temperature escalates humidity. Apart from these factors, we need to pay attention to the number of occupants.

In conclusion, a large and heated pool needs a bigger capacity. Ceiling mount unit recommended for faster drying. Contact us for a swimming pool dehumidification system.

Commercial pool dehumidification system.

FSD pool dehumidification system.

It is a freestanding swimming pool dehumidification system. For large commercial pools, this is an ideal solution. The USPs of this model is that it is available in higher capacity. The capacity of the FSD model starts from 240 liters per day. And it is available up to a rating of 1600 liters per day. This indoor pool dehumidification system has a user-friendly control panel.

It has honeycomb structured coils. Thus, it has a more vaporization area, and it absorbs more moisture. With the help of a centrifugal fan, it can deliver a large amount of air. Also, it saves energy and unit able to cover vast areas. These types of fans are easy to maintain with a long life. From the control board, the user can adjust humidity and set fan speed. Hence, this unit suitable for any application. In short, it is a wise decision to buy an FSD series pool dehumidification system.

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