Dehumidifier for Museum for Value Preservation.

Dehumidifier for Museums

Dehumidifier is very important equipment for any Museum. Museum stores many valuables artifacts. Value of this artifacts one can not measure in terms of money. Some of artifacts related to culture and pride of nation. Hence preservation of these artifacts is first priority. High humidity in Museum can damage paintings. Colours of painting can change due to high humidity. Vintage car museum might face issue of rust due to high humidity. Old documents can get spoil due to high humidity. Dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity and make value preservation.

Dehumidifiers  recommended for Museum.

In Museum floor mount, portable, or central duct dehumidifier can be use. Recommended dehumidifiers model for museum are as follow:

  1. CD-50L portable dehumidifier having capacity of 5o liters per day.
  2. CDM-50L portable industrial dehumidifier have capacity of 50 liters per day.
  3. CD-85L industrial dehumidifier of 85 liters per day capacity.
  4. CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier of 90 liter per day capacity.
  5. SPD-136L ceiling mount duct dehumidifier of 136 liters per day capacity.
  6. FSD-240L floor mount dehumidification unit.

Where to Buy Museum Dehumidifier?

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Dehumidifier for Museums