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Commercial dehumidifier

In short, a commercial dehumidifier is a system with industrial-grade specifications. Hence, it also knows as an industrial dehumidifier. As compared to a standard unit for home, it has well built and heavy-duty. Commercial grade dehumidifier designed to withstand rough use at factories and construction sites. Other than sturdiness, it fitted with high-quality components. As a result, these machines are durable. These are the best for commercial dehumidification like flood disaster recovery.

There are different types of commercial units. The most common in this league is a portable dehumidifier. Also, there are free-standing, and ducted type models use for high capacity drying. 

CtrlTech commercial dehumidifier models.

CtrlTech offers a full range of machine that suits for every use. Some of the models are as follow:

  • CDM-50L model has an extraction capacity of 50 liters per day. It is the compact model available. Thus, it used to dry small rooms. For example, it used to remove humidity from the electrode room.
  • CDM-90L used for medium size room. This model has a built-in condensate tank. Besides, it has a facility to connect the hose pipe. Hence, it can use any storage room.
  • CDM-138L is a high capacity commercial dehumidifier with a tank. With a drying capacity of 138 liters, it can remove humidity from a large warehouse.
  • FSD-240L dehumidifier is a floor mount system with high airflow. It is suitable for warehouses, indoor swimming pools, and halls. In a nutshell, it uses to dry vast places.

Commercial dehumidifier features.

It is always desirable to have some necessary facilities in the system that we are going to buy. Most importantly, the unit should have a durable casing. Also, it should have an internal bucket and hose pipe connection. At some sites, it needed to push water over height. Thus, machines should have a built-in condensate pump.

A good large dehumidifier should easy to use. Hence, it should have a user-friendly control panel. To avoid the formation of ice on coils, the unit must have automatic defrost. In short, the system should be durable and efficient. CtrlTech offers commercial dehumidifiers in Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.