FSD Pool dehumidification System.

(21 customer reviews)
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FSD Pool dehumidification System.

(21 customer reviews)
Payment against delivery
CALL : +971 50 1537113

13,800.00د.إ VAT

FSD indoor pool dehumidification system is a freestanding unit. This indoor pool dehumidifier offered at low prices in Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah & Riyadh.

13,800.00د.إ VAT

FSD indoor pool dehumidification system is a freestanding unit. This indoor pool dehumidifier offered at low prices in Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah & Riyadh.

13,800.00د.إ VAT

FSD indoor pool dehumidification system is a freestanding unit. This indoor pool dehumidifier offered at low prices in Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah & Riyadh.

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Pool dehumidification system features.

FSD is an efficient, silent, and compact pool dehumidification machine.

FSD-240L indoor pool dehumidifier in Dubai and UAE.


FSD is a freestanding indoor pool dehumidification system. And, this indoor swimming pool dehumidifier is efficient, silent, elegant, and affordable. Please find below brief specs.


  • Capacity*: 240 L/day
  • Volt: 380/400V, 50hz 3Ǿ
  • Power**: 4450 Watts
  • Air Volume: 1800 CMH
  • Coolant: R410A
  • Running Temp.: 5 – 38°C
  • Compressor: Panasonic/LG


  • Digital Controller: Yes
  • Adjust Humidistat: Yes
  • Automatic defrost: Yes
  • External drain: Yes
  • Filter: Basic filter.
  • Hygrometer: Yes
  • Protection: Delayed startup

Dimension and Weight

  • Product weight: 135 kg
  • Package weight: 149 kg
  • Product size: 680 x 460 x 1710 mm
  • Package size: 780 × 560 × 1870 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH  |   Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.

Pool dehumidification.

Pool dehumidification is an essential need for every indoor pool room. Thus, we must plan it at the swimming pool design stage itself. Indoor swimming pool water generates moisture. This moisture creates issues since it gets cramped in the room. And, when AC gets on, due to coldness, humidity gets condensed. With an indoor pool dehumidifier, we can generate dry air. 

Evaporation from the pool water also mixes chlorine in the air. Hence, this moisture not only creates mold but also can create health issues. Nowadays, every consultant proposes a swimming pool dehumidifier. As mentioned, we should plan a pool room dehumidifier at the construction stage. It will give lots of room for selecting the right type of unit. However, if we need to provide a solution for the existing pool, then floor mount units are the best choice. It does not require any civil changes. 

FSD pool dehumidification features.

FSD-240L is a floor mount dehumidifier designed for worst humidity loads. And, the pool is the worst kind of moisture load.

To address such a heavy load, FSD designed with high capacity and airflow. Hence, this unit is used for warehouses also. Its freestanding design occupies less space. As a result, the machine is suitable for a residential pool with limited spaces.

This pool dehumidifier is easy to fix. To fix the unit, you need only a power supply and drainage point. It provided four universal lockable wheels. So, it can shift to another location with ease. The Control board mounted on the front panel. For air intake, grill provided at the front side. This indoor pool dehumidification system discharges air from the top. The body casing made up of cold-rolled steel with powder coating. Other than pools, it used as a warehouse dehumidifier. It can process a large amount of air at one time. With the help of this feature, it can dehumidify vast spaces in a short time. 

Specification of indoor pool dehumidifier.

FSD series unit consists of a high-quality rotary compressor. Besides, it uses an environment protective gas like R410a. The compressor is heat and cold resistance. Thus, it can keep the regular operation in the hot summer and cold winter. Compressor keel motor makes thee winding wire close and improves its efficiency. Also, it made up of modified parts to reduce noise.

Evaporator and condenser coils coated with Aluminium wing hydrophilic film. This film helps condensate water to form water beds. As a consequence, condense water due not blocks airflow and noise gets reduce. Further, it speeds up the cooling and heating process. This swimming pool dehumidification system fitted with fast sensors. With a centrifugal fan, the unit can deliver massive air with low sound. This system also used at underground packings, production floors, and basements.

How to use the pool dehumidification system?

FSD warehouse dehumidifier has easy to use control panel. From this panel, users can do all required settings as per their needs. The panel has several features that can save energy. But, at the same time, it does not compromise on performance. To save power, the unit can set in comfort mode. In this mode, unit drives at low airflow and set at little high humidity. Thus, it saves power and hence operating cost.

Also, the unit can make the turn off itself after certain hours. For this, users can set a delay timer. In the same vein, we can set a delay to start the unit itself. When this system used for drying purposes, you can set in dry mode. For example, for carpet wash center requires drying feature. In drying configuration, the machine runs in dehumidification mode without cut off. For other applications like pools, we can set required random humidity levels. This pool dehumidification unit works efficiently with its electronic controls. 

USPs of FSD-240L warehouse dehumidifier.

  • This unit has a compact footprint. Thus, it is suitable for a residential indoor pool with a small space.
  • With the help of the wheels, the system can relocate with ease.
  • FSD machines have high drying and airflow capacity. Hence, it also can use to dehumidify outsize places.
  • For saving energy, this pool dehumidification unit has comfort mode and delay timer.
  • It is climate protective with the use of refrigerant gas like R410.
  • On the top, a centrifugal fan makes the unit more efficient and silent in operation.

Uses of a pool dehumidification system.


It is a compact unit, Thus, use for home pools.


FSD is powerful. Hence, use for warehouse.


This system is suitable for plants and parking.


It can customize to use at construction sites.


This product can use an airplane hanger.


It is climate-friendly. So, it can use at Greenhouses.

21 reviews for FSD Pool dehumidification System.

  1. Engr.Khaled Alsheh

    We are a food company in Libya. We have a milk processing plant with big tanks. When milk heats, it generates humidity. It is as good as a heated swimming pool. So we brought this FSD swimming pool dehumidification system at our plant to get rid of moisture.

  2. Awais Iqbal

    We use this indoor pool dehumidification system at our projects in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We got fast delivery and service support. The unit is also lovely and efficient.

  3. J. Ferry

    In our resort, there is a big fish pond. This fish pond was generating humidity. We fix this FSD pool dehumidification system to solve the issue. We are happy with its performance.

  4. ricardo joy cajoles

    We were facing the problem of high moisture in a villa with a big fountain. We fixed this dehumidification system, and it is working well.

  5. Jayanthi.H

    We are a trading company in Sohar, Oman. We supply this pool dehumidifier for a swimming pool in a five-star hotel. It is a good product and good service.

  6. Firas Abdullateef Khalaf

    We are a fish processing company. There is always high humidity on our shop floor due to waterwork. We installed this dehumidification system and impressed with its working.

  7. Raja Mohammed

    We are a pool chemical supply company. One of our clients was facing an issue of high humidity in the indoor pool room. We supplied this indoor pool dehumidification system, and it worked.

  8. Ali Gunderwala

    It is an excellent dehumidification system. We are using it for our laboratory.

  9. ibrahim

    We have supplied this indoor pool dehumidification system for many pools. We are satisfied with this machine.

  10. Dilshad Rahman

    This is a useful dehumidification system but expensive. It needs three-phase power supply.

  11. Eng. Riadh Abaab

    This pool dehumidification unit is powerful. It removed all moisture due to hot water jacuzzi at a villa in Manama Bahrain.

  12. Mohammed Ahmed Ansari

    We are using this warehouse dehumidifier for our store in Kuwait. We are an electronics retailer company. This system avoided damages to our goods.

  13. Dunstan Rozairo

    We have an indoor pool. High moisture was damaging the wall and ceiling. We brought this FSD swimming pool dehumidification system. After that, we never faced this problem.

  14. Fawad Jhetham

    This product we purchased for the swimming pool in Emirates Hills Dubai. From the first day itself, it started showing the result. I will recommend this dehumidification system for the pool to everyone.

  15. Arara

    We are a services company in Jeddah, KSA. FSD indoor pool dehumidification system is highly recommended for large pools. Also, thank you for all the technical support.

  16. Mujib Rehman

    We supplied this indoor pool dehumidification machine to our client in Oman. CtrlTech offered us good support. Also, this equipment is working fine.

  17. Mohamed El Gendy

    Due to the hot water Jacuzzi, there was high humidity in the spa. And it didn’t smell very good. Thus, we contacted this company. After the site study, they provided an FSD commercial pool dehumidification system. Within three days, we got results.

  18. Selva Kathirvel

    We have a greenhouse in Muscat, Oman. We used this pool dehumidification system in our sheds. It surprisingly reduced humidity to a very low level.

  19. V Ganesh

    We install this swimming pool dehumidifier for our indoor pool room. It is doing proper pool dehumidification. We can notice condensate water coming out from unit. Also, it reduce indoor swimming pool humidity to less than 50%. Thanks CtrlTech.

  20. Manikanandan

    We are swimming pool equipment supplies in Dubai, UAE. We installed this commercial pool dehumidifier system at a project. It can control humidity in the indoor pool room

  21. salih.chemmala@barari.ae

    We are using this indoor pool dehumidification system for our pool in the club room. It is effective and working perfectly.

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