SPD Inline duct dehumidifier

(23 customer reviews)
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SPD Inline duct dehumidifier

(23 customer reviews)
Payment against delivery
CALL : +971 50 1537113

13,800.00د.إ VAT

Inline duct dehumidifier widely uses for indoor pool rooms. SPD is a small and compact whole-house dehumidifier for ductwork in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

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13,800.00د.إ VAT

Inline duct dehumidifier widely uses for indoor pool rooms. SPD is a small and compact whole-house dehumidifier for ductwork in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

SKU: CT-SPD136L-B-IDD-1 Category: Tags: ,

13,800.00د.إ VAT

Inline duct dehumidifier widely uses for indoor pool rooms. SPD is a small and compact whole-house dehumidifier for ductwork in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

SKU: CT-SPD136L-B-IDD-1 Category: Tags: ,

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Inline duct dehumidifier features.

Connect inline duct dehumidifier with your AC duct to reduce humidity.

SPD-136L duct mounted dehumidifier.


SPD inline duct dehumidifier is suitable for indoor pool rooms and spas. It can have wall-mounted or ceiling suspended installation. Please find below brief specs.


  • Capacity*: 136 Liters/day
  • Volt: 220-240V/50 Hz
  • Power**: 1100 Watts
  • Air Volume: 1100 CMH
  • Coolant: R410A
  • Running Temp.: 5 – 38°C
  • Compressor: Panasonic/LG


  • Digital Controller: Yes
  • Adjust Humidistat: Yes
  • Automatic defrost: Yes
  • External drain: Yes
  • Filter: Basic filter.
  • Hygrometer: Yes
  • IP rating: IPX04

Dimension and Weight

  • Product weight: 58 kg
  • Package weight: 65 kg
  • Product size: 1080 x 665 x 375 mm
  • Package size: 1180 × 740 × 540 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH  |  **Max power 1760 Watt  |   Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.

Inline duct dehumidifier.

As the name suggests, we can connect inline duct dehumidifier in series with the AC duct. In some cases, we can plug in parallel also. Most applications demand dry air before it delivered by AC. Also, sometimes we need to dry fresh air before injecting it into the cooling system. In such cases, a commercial ducted dehumidifier comes into the picture.

Everyone wast to use spaces to the full extend. Thus, a portable dehumidifier cannot be the right solution. SPD-136L small ducted dehumidifier can be mount above a false ceiling. As a result, it saves space, and we get rid of machine operation sound. Commercial duct dehumidifier helps to keep a room dry without losses. It saves energy, and it is affordable too. Hence, if often use at indoor swimming pools. Please note, indoor pool room has the worst king of humidity load. And, this unit can withstand it. 

Why inline duct dehumidifier?

A commercial ducted dehumidifier has various advantages over portable or wall mount unit. First, it saves space. In many cities, per square feet property rate higher than the cost of dehumidifiers. Hence, fixing duct dehumidifiers above the false ceiling is always a viable option. Considering the aesthetic, invisible installation is a good idea.

Second, duct mount dehumidifier available at a higher capacity. In particular, it can customize for high process air. In other words, it can process more air at one time. Thus, it can dry more air and reduce moisture at a faster rate. But, portable and wall mount dehumidifier has a limitation on this factor. Third and most important, an inline duct dehumidifier can act as an air purifier also. As an option, we can order these units will multi-stage filters. Filtration is an essential feature if you are using a system for fresh air drying.

SPD-136L swimming pool dehumidifier.

CtrlTech offers SPD series swimming pool dehumidifier. Although, this unit can use at warehouses, spas, and control rooms. Body casing built using cold-rolled sheet metal with epoxy powder coating paint. Also, the unit has a rotary compressor with R410a climate protective gas. The insulation used from inside to reduce noise. Thus, the system generates the lowest noise possible.

Double internal thread copper condenser has high efficiency. Besides, it has an energy-saving, AC / EC centrifugal fan. As a consequence, the unit has low noise even at static pressure operation. Internal drain pan coated with anti-corrosive material. Every machine accompanied by one digital controller. This inline duct dehumidifier is easy to install and maintain. For fixing, we need a single-phase power and drain point only. 

How inline duct dehumidifier works?

As mentioned before, the unit supplied with an LCD touch screen controller. It is a wall mount controller. From this controller, this indoor pool dehumidifier can operate. To set humidity, the user needs to press the set button. After that, the screen starts flashing, and the user can adjust the required moisture. The machine can set in fresh air indoor air dehumidification mode. 

In fresh air mode, once humidity reduced to set value, the compressor gets switched off. But, the fan keeps working. And in indoor air mode, compressor and fan both stop when moisture reduces to set point. When room humidity 5% higher than the set value, the system starts itself. When dehumidification gets on, the compressor sign glow on the panel. The unit has delayed start protection. Whenever the inline duct dehumidifier gets on, the compressor starts after 3 minutes. This call delay starts protection.

USPs of SPD-136L

  • This unit has a flat design. Hence, it can install at a lower height ceiling also.
  • Insulation has used inside the unit. So, the machine generates less noise.
  • With a wall mount controller, the system is easy to operate.
  • As far as fixing and maintenance concerned, any technician can do it.
  • A rotary compressor and centrifugal fan make dehumidifier efficient and silent.
  • With an optional air filter, the unit ensures air purification.
  • For longer life, the evaporator and condenser of this inline duct dehumidifier are coated with epoxy. 

Uses of inline duct dehumidifier.


It has a slim design. Hence, it uses in pool rooms.


It is silent in working. Thus, it installs in spas.


With a power-saving design, it uses at warehouses.


It used at archives, museums, & laboratories.


Due to duct, it used as a whole-house dehumidifier.


It installs in crowded places like the gym and clubs.

23 reviews for SPD Inline duct dehumidifier

  1. Lince

    We installed this duct mount dehumidifier for an indoor swimming pool in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. We are happy with its performance.

  2. Rahul Dwivedi

    This duct mount unit we installed for a small swimming pool in a villa in Muscat, Oman. It is giving a good result.

  3. Crispin

    CtrlTech supplied us with five SPD ducted dehumidifiers for a swimming pool project in Doha, Qatar. These units are controlling moisture in this sizeable indoor pool room.

  4. Jennifer Calivo

    This duct dehumidification system helped to reduce humidity in the chocolate store. It reduced the problem of fungus in the cold storeroom.

  5. Mohamed Aljabry

    We used this ducted dehumidifier for the basement of a villa in Tanzania. There was a high moisture problem in the home theater in the basement. Now the condition is good.

  6. Ahmed M Sheikh

    We supplied this duct mount dehumidifier to a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It meets all our requirements. We are looking forward to getting more orders from our clients for such units.

  7. Carlito Borlongan

    SPD-136L swimming pool dehumidifier is a good unit. We fixed this to the duct of AC. It reduced humidity in the indoor pool area of our client’s villa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


    This ducted dehumidifier is working fine. It is reducing the moisture level in the PCB production hall.


    We are using this pool dehumidification system for our home pool in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is working well. We are happy with its performance.

  10. Yaser

    This commercial duct dehumidifier reduced moisture in the scenery water tank area. After installing this system, we observed a reduction in condensation.

  11. Luay A A Ewainat

    This is a good quality ceiling mount dehumidifier, but the price is high. The company should offer a lower price.

  12. Naseer Al-Habsi

    We are a swimming school in Muscat, Oman. This swimming pool dehumidifier is working efficiently. We connected it to the duct, and it started reducing moisture.


    Provided this ceiling mounted ducted dehumidifier for our swimming pool. It stopped wetness and bad smell in the pool room.

  14. Narayanan ND

    it is a good dehumidifier for a swimming pool. We installed this duct dehumidifier in my villa in Doha, Qatar.

  15. Mustafa G. Atieh

    This duct dehumidification system is successfully reducing moisture in the laboratory. Our customer in Kuwait is pleased with this product.

  16. Kailasnath Gopakumar

    This dehumidifier we supplied to our clients in Kazakstan and Port Blair in Andaman. This product is working well.

  17. Hamad Bin Khalaf Al- Moudadi

    We are a construction company in Doha, Qatar. Thanks to CtrlTech for providing this duct mount dehumidifier on shot notice.

  18. Airwell

    This dehumidifier is reducing humidity in our warehouse. We store stationery material in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  19. Muhammed Jasil

    We supplied this swimming pool dehumidifier for our client for his residential pool. Before installation there was major issue of high humidity. And it solved with installation of two SPD units. Thaks

  20. Engr. Idris

    Installed this inline duct dehumidifier for my indoor swimming pool in my villa. Working fine

  21. Nasser

    We fixed this duct mount dehumidifier in our workshop at JLT Dubai. We are a jewelry manufacturing company. We were facing a humidity problem. It is solved now.

  22. June

    We installed this ducted dehumidifier for our client’s villa indoor swimming pool. It is lowering the humidity in the indoor pool room.

  23. Ahmad Aldwairi

    We fixed four units of this SPD-136L ducted dehumidifier in the sports club’s pool area in Al Ain, UAE. It solved the issue of humidity.

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