Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool and Spa.

Dehumidifier needed for SPA and indoor swimming pools

High humidity is major problem in any indoor swimming pool. Swimming pool dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity in indoor pool area and improves environment.

Dehumidifier For swimming Pool:

Dehumidifiers for swimming pool are generally of Ducted ceiling mount type. For Small swimming pool we can use wall mount type dehumidifier also. Humidity generated in Swimming pool area is depends on surface area of swimming pool,

Dehumidifier for swimming pool & Spa.

Temperature of water in Swimming pool, Number of person in indoor swimming pool area. If size of swimming pool (length & width) is high then more water surface comes in contact with air and more evaporation will happen. Which will increase humidity in indoor pool area and size of Dehumidifier for Pool Room will be higher. Temperature of water in swimming pool is major factor which will decide evaporation rate and hence humidity level in room. In other word Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Sizing is majorly depend on evaporation rate due to temperature of water in pool. Humidity added by number of people in not that much matter of concern while sizing residential indoor pool dehumidifier but it will matter a lot while sizing commercial swimming pool dehumidifiers.

Swimming pool Dehumidifiers Type:

different type of dehumidifier generally used for indoor swimming pool dehumidification. In this section we will discuss most commonly use ceiling mount type pool room dehumidification systems.

Ducted type Swimming Pool Dehumidification Systems:

Ducted type dehumidifiers are more desired type of indoor pool room dehumidifier among all types dehumidifier. Ducted type dehumidifier are generally mount above ceiling. It can be connected with ducting of air conditioner or it can be connected independently. If this dehumidifier connected in parallel to supply or return duct then performance of this dehumidifier will be fine as long as air conditioner is on. But in case of Independent mode connection performance of dehumidifier doen’t depend on working of air conditioner.

Indoor pool dehumidifier price. Dehumidifier sizing

Ceiling mount indoor pool room dehumidifier is provided with wall mount LCD hygrostat controller. From this controller we can set required humidity. To know more about Dehumidifier for swimming pool, please contact us.

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